The light begins to fill the warm toned chalet, you open your eyes after a relaxing night of sleep to see your wedding dress hanging in the closet. No, you are not still dreaming. The peacefulness of Sedona has brought a calming feeling to the day. The aroma of coffee from the kitchen leads you through the chalet. Bell Rock is lit with the morning sun right in front of you. As the bride to be marvels at the surroundings she wonders if all of this is a dream. But this is real. This is how a wedding day at Red Agave Resort begins.

As we walked the path leading up to one of our favorite vistas in Sedona the winds began to shift, the sky became hazy with smoke from a nearby fire. It had the familiar comforting aroma of sitting around a campfire. The red rocks became a golden pink. They really are a spectacle to watch but nothing like watching the joy and love between Seth and Natalie.

Seth stood alone looking out towards Cathedral Rock, a beautiful sight, but nothing compared to his bride walking up behind him. The sun glowed around them as she softly spoke his name. His face lit up with joy as he turned around, this was the first time seeing her in her bridal gown on their wedding day. Even amongst the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, Seth couldn’t keep his eyes off Natalie. Being surrounded by such amazing scenery makes this day even more significant.

Red Agave Resort in Sedona was a perfect spot to say I do for these carefree and adventurous souls. Chascity and Leo got married on a sun shiny, but cool and breezy 75 degree day, with sweeping views of the majestic red rocks. The adorable (and remodeled) A frame chalets, nestled comfortably into the heart of Sedona, tied in perfectly with the color theme of Chascity and Leo’s wedding, orange and purple

Joseph and Leslie hold a special place in our hearts as close friends. And as some of our previous couples may have noticed Joseph is our very helpful assistant during most weddings and Leslie has offered a helpful hand as well. Leslie is a very creative person and sees art everywhere, hand the girl nearly any medium and she will make art out of it

The day of the wedding started off at Chocolate Blonde in Old Town Cottonwood with the girls getting their hair done by Andres’ sister Marin. The girls did their own makeup in the comfort of their own home. The boys at the best mans house. Andres continued to write in a book.