We have seen so many corners of this great state and it still continues to surprise us. The hilly and curvy drive into our meeting spot with Molly and Jason was an enjoyable experience. We arrived early to our rendezvous point to see what all is around. Everywhere we looked there was beauty. From the moment we pulled into the large empty parking lot we were thrilled. I guess the “cold” was too much for most Arizonans…It was a blustery 60℉ this sunny February afternoon and hardly anyone was around to endure this Arizona winter.

We first met Molly and Jason at Ashlie and Ricky’s Wedding just a few short months ago. Since then we have been looking forward to their engagement session at Salt River. Having their engagement session next to water was of importance to the two of them. See, as a kid Molly’s dream career was a marine biologist and Jason actually works at an aquarium and spends a good portion of his time there underwater, so this pristine spot was perfect.

The language of expressing love to your partner for life is different for every couple. It can be shown through kind generosity, sweet words to each other, or just the look in your eyes.

Sedona, known world wide for it’s beauty, the sheer size of Courthouse Rock alone is something of wonder. It’s no wonder people travel from far and wide to visit such a grand place. That is why Ben chose this perfect location to propose to Cheryl. He had seen photos of Sedona from a friend who had visited and realized he couldn’t think of a more beautiful place to take his beautiful lady

Tips for planning your engagement photo session with your wedding photographer. A how to guide for getting the beautiful photos you want for your save the dates/invitations and wedding website, and even use these photos for wedding day decor!

Chelsea with her bubbly and outgoing personality perfectly compliments Leon’s quiet and caring demeanor. Leon always had a hand on her arm or back, you could see the comfort they bring each other. And, as they stated to us, “we embrace each other’s odd sense of humor and have fun being weird together.”

Sedona is Iconic. People travel far and wide to bask in the golden desert sun and take in the wonder and soothing vortex that is Sedona. Understandably so, being surrounded by those Red Rocks are awe inspiring and literally takes your breath away. And it is those very Red Rocks that brought Leo and Chascity to live in Arizona, all the way from the east coast. Adventurers at heart, the desert was calling their name.

It was a cool but sunny day at Goldwater Lake with a bit of snow still lingering in the shady spots but their love was warm.  They enjoyed the outdoors with big trees and a serene lake, the only thing missing was a craft beer in hand with a fishing pole

Little did she know that James would be proposing underneath the twinkling lights at 2 am. Being wrapped up in the excitement of the moment neither realized that it was Valentine’s Day until later