When we got married almost 11 years ago (before we knew that we would one day become wedding photographers ourselves), our photographer had no advice to give us on whether or not we should do a first look or what that even was, its not an option we even considered because we didn’t even know it existed. So we didn’t see each other before our ceremony with no information given to us about what another option would mean for us and for our day and the memories we would make. This was one of our biggest regrets of our wedding day, for us

Chelsea with her bubbly and outgoing personality perfectly compliments Leon’s quiet and caring demeanor. Leon always had a hand on her arm or back, you could see the comfort they bring each other. And, as they stated to us, “we embrace each other’s odd sense of humor and have fun being weird together.”

Sedona is Iconic. People travel far and wide to bask in the golden desert sun and take in the wonder and soothing vortex that is Sedona. Understandably so, being surrounded by those Red Rocks are awe inspiring and literally takes your breath away. And it is those very Red Rocks that brought Leo and Chascity to live in Arizona, all the way from the east coast. Adventurers at heart, the desert was calling their name.

“Love is what we as humans, all share. It is the great unifier, a universal language. That no matter who we are, where we’ve come from or what we believe, we know this one thing: love is what we’re doing right. And on Maddie & Jacob’s wedding day, we were reminded that the ability to love is the very best part of our humanity.”

“My heart to you is given, do give yours to me. We’ll lock them up together and throw away the key forever”- – Author Unknown

This was Bella’s role, to lock their love in place forever as she tossed the key into lake and she could not have been more excited!

Natalie and Mckenzie are both originally from Arizona and became friends in high school, since then their story has unfolded into a beautiful love. They’ve since made a home in LA and love taking Disney Land Date days (jealous) followed by a steaming bowl of Ramen (also our favorite food;o)

Dia De los Muertos inspired wedding at the beautiful Orange Tree Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. Dia De Los Muertos is a Spanish celebration which translates to “Day of the Dead”. The significance of this holiday is in remembrance of friends and family who have passed, which we think is such a sweet and beautifully thoughtful way to include those who couldn’t be there.

Joseph and Leslie hold a special place in our hearts as close friends. And as some of our previous couples may have noticed Joseph is our very helpful assistant during most weddings and Leslie has offered a helpful hand as well. Leslie is a very creative person and sees art everywhere, hand the girl nearly any medium and she will make art out of it

Little did she know that James would be proposing underneath the twinkling lights at 2 am. Being wrapped up in the excitement of the moment neither realized that it was Valentine’s Day until later

Vanessa is a sweet, down to earth girl, and Justin a man who loves with his whole heart, had a beautiful wedding on top of a picturesque hill at Prescott Resort and Conference center.