Hope & Buster celebrated their wedding in Flagstaff with the idilic views of Mount Humphreys in the background. They are a perfect match for each other, Buster being outgoing and funny, Hope is sweet and caring

They are perfect compliments for each other. Tessa is fun and smart and quirky and Sean is outgoing and calm at the exact same time…the kind of person you instantly warm up to and feel like you’ve known him forever

He waited till the end of the semester like a true gentleman to ask her out to lunch, and she turned him down. Afterwards Ashley had made a phone call to her mother saying that she may have made a mistake by turning him down. Luckily he knew they were meant to be together and asked her to dinner

The day of their wedding turned out to have perfect weather, easter Sunday to be exact. The guys were stylish with their Converse shoes, and the bride even had a cute pair of white Converses! They celebrated their union into the night with the twinkling lights of Sedona below them.

We have had the pleasure of knowing Leon for many years, being a family friend. We were so excited that he met Trisha, she has been such perfect match for him, and honestly one of the most genuine people we’ve met. Trisha and Leon had a beautiful destination wedding in San Diego

The day of the wedding started off at Chocolate Blonde in Old Town Cottonwood with the girls getting their hair done by Andres’ sister Marin. The girls did their own makeup in the comfort of their own home. The boys at the best mans house. Andres continued to write in a book.