Tips for planning your engagement photo session with your wedding photographer. A how to guide for getting the beautiful photos you want for your save the dates/invitations and wedding website, and even use these photos for wedding day decor!

Theres a lot to plan for when your thinking about how your entire wedding day will unfold. And we’ve found that how you feel and how you spend your time in the morning when you’re getting ready really sets the tone for the rest of the day. We’ve seen some wedding days that have started out frazzled and rushed and stressful and others that have been a smooth flowing, relaxing way to embark on day one of forever with your very best friend.

one small problem happens almost every single time, no-one knows how to tie a tie or fold a pocket square. It’s not their fault, these are just skills that are not typically used on a daily basis. We understand. As previous grooms know, my assistant and I don’t mind jumping in a doing a little classroom session on how to put that pretty piece of fabric in your pocket…

When we got married almost 11 years ago (before we knew that we would one day become wedding photographers ourselves), our photographer had no advice to give us on whether or not we should do a first look or what that even was, its not an option we even considered because we didn’t even know it existed. So we didn’t see each other before our ceremony with no information given to us about what another option would mean for us and for our day and the memories we would make. This was one of our biggest regrets of our wedding day, for us