As we walked the path leading up to one of our favorite vistas in Sedona the winds began to shift, the sky became hazy with smoke from a nearby fire. It had the familiar comforting aroma of sitting around a campfire. The red rocks became a golden pink. They really are a spectacle to watch but nothing like watching the joy and love between Seth and Natalie.

Seth stood alone looking out towards Cathedral Rock, a beautiful sight, but nothing compared to his bride walking up behind him. The sun glowed around them as she softly spoke his name. His face lit up with joy as he turned around, this was the first time seeing her in her bridal gown on their wedding day. Even amongst the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, Seth couldn’t keep his eyes off Natalie. Being surrounded by such amazing scenery makes this day even more significant.

TJ stood at the edge of a ponderosa pine forest with the majestic Mount Humphreys in the background. Even though we were at an altitude, it was Megan who took TJ’s breath away.

Emily and Philip stood amongst the blooming mesquite trees of the Desert Botanical Gardens in pure happiness. Their families still sitting in the herb garden where they had just witness two young loving people say “I do” to each other. This realization of being husband and wife, partners for life, it brings smiles and joy to these beautiful souls.

Elopements have a special place in our hearts, it’s raw, it’s intimate, it’s romantic and organic in nature. The entire focus is just two people committing their lives to each other and that is exactly what Jennifer and Paul wanted. We have always said that we love marriage, and Priscilla and I can honestly say this whole heartedly. So much so that I went and became ordained to be able to perform intimate ceremonies like this

The daily monsoons had held back their 3 o’clock ritual of dousing the mountain and loud thunder cracking above just for this special day. Instead we enjoyed the sounds of the bees buzzing around the flowers, birds chirping, and best of all…ย Ian strumming his guitar with Erika by his side admiring the melody.