We love destination weddings, the creativity drive you get from seeing a place for the first time is so inspirational. But what if it is a place you’ve visited many times before but have never looked at it as a wedding location? Turns out that with with just looking at it from a different perspective this familiar location looks completely new and inspiring.

Small weddings offer a more intimate experience. Getting to quietly enjoy time with each other, hold on tight to each other, in a relaxed environment, with no busy timelines, no hustle. Olivia and Joe are more of the non traditional type and like to keep things spontaneous!

They are perfect compliments for each other. Tessa is fun and smart and quirky and Sean is outgoing and calm at the exact same time…the kind of person you instantly warm up to and feel like you’ve known him forever

We have had the pleasure of knowing Leon for many years, being a family friend. We were so excited that he met Trisha, she has been such perfect match for him, and honestly one of the most genuine people we’ve met. Trisha and Leon had a beautiful destination wedding in San Diego