Josh and Abby say that they are not typically known for their PDA, but there was just something in the air that day.

Jeremy stood at the bottom of the stairs in anticipation. He gripped a little orange notebook in his left hand as he waited for Megan to make her way down to him. With each step she took down the stairs, Jeremy’s heart raced a little faster and his eyes began to well up

The language of expressing love to your partner for life is different for every couple. It can be shown through kind generosity, sweet words to each other, or just the look in your eyes.

Emily and Philip stood amongst the blooming mesquite trees of the Desert Botanical Gardens in pure happiness. Their families still sitting in the herb garden where they had just witness two young loving people say “I do” to each other. This realization of being husband and wife, partners for life, it brings smiles and joy to these beautiful souls.

The January sun skimmed over the treetops, the Canadian geese walked the well trimmed lawns of Orange Tree Resort. It was quiet, it was peaceful.

The December sun slowly fell over the red rocks in Sedona as Elizabeth and Brandon embraced each other. The temperature had a noticeable drop and for these Arizonans it should have been cold, but wrapped up in each other they were warm

While we walked the well groomed paths of Scottsdale Civic Park with Sara and Eloy an unforgettable thing happened. It couldn’t have been planned but only destined to happened, just like their love. How can a couple’s first married moments get any more romantic and heartfelt?

Elopements have a special place in our hearts, it’s raw, it’s intimate, it’s romantic and organic in nature. The entire focus is just two people committing their lives to each other and that is exactly what Jennifer and Paul wanted. We have always said that we love marriage, and Priscilla and I can honestly say this whole heartedly. So much so that I went and became ordained to be able to perform intimate ceremonies like this

We took our time enjoying the views and talking about how quiet the earth is to tread on and how peaceful it is. We all agreed that standing out there looking at the vast landscape reminds us of how small we are in the world. And we had the whole park to ourselves, which only added to that lovely feeling. 

The daily monsoons had held back their 3 o’clock ritual of dousing the mountain and loud thunder cracking above just for this special day. Instead we enjoyed the sounds of the bees buzzing around the flowers, birds chirping, and best of all… Ian strumming his guitar with Erika by his side admiring the melody.