No matter who you are, what culture you come from, or your upbringing we all have a universal desire to have more time with with the one you love. For some people it takes many years to find that life partner, and while they are thankful when they finally do meet the love of their life I always hear the same universal pronouncement…”I wish we had met sooner”

We have seen so many corners of this great state and it still continues to surprise us. The hilly and curvy drive into our meeting spot with Molly and Jason was an enjoyable experience. We arrived early to our rendezvous point to see what all is around. Everywhere we looked there was beauty. From the moment we pulled into the large empty parking lot we were thrilled. I guess the “cold” was too much for most Arizonans…It was a blustery 60℉ this sunny February afternoon and hardly anyone was around to endure this Arizona winter.

We first met Molly and Jason at Ashlie and Ricky’s Wedding just a few short months ago. Since then we have been looking forward to their engagement session at Salt River. Having their engagement session next to water was of importance to the two of them. See, as a kid Molly’s dream career was a marine biologist and Jason actually works at an aquarium and spends a good portion of his time there underwater, so this pristine spot was perfect.

Arizona is a place of beauty and so many different landscapes. So much so that we can write a whole blog on just this little piece of Northern Arizona and how perfect it is for couples to get away in. It’s no wonder that people come from all over the world to have a Sedona Elopement. The giant red rocks and cliffs make for a backdrop that can only be here. This place gives sense of wonder and magic to couples who say “I DO!!!!”

Nowadays those old and worn out ideas of what an elopement is are long gone. They no longer have the negative connotation of a boring courthouse or that it has to be done in secret. Although you still can run away to get married and not tell anyone if you’d like. It just takes a bit of planning. Which we can help you with every step of the way!

We walked across the light colored desert ground with Ashlie and Ricky towards a beautiful Palo Verde tree. The wall of oleander nearby was lush and dappled with white and pink blooms. Ricky stops in the shade, takes Ashlie’s hand then gives her a twirl. This was his bride to be and he was enamored. She was stunning with her flowing dress and bouquet of eucalyptus and white blooms. Just minutes before they had seen each other for the first time that day and the emotions were still bubbling over.

The light begins to fill the warm toned chalet, you open your eyes after a relaxing night of sleep to see your wedding dress hanging in the closet. No, you are not still dreaming. The peacefulness of Sedona has brought a calming feeling to the day. The aroma of coffee from the kitchen leads you through the chalet. Bell Rock is lit with the morning sun right in front of you. As the bride to be marvels at the surroundings she wonders if all of this is a dream. But this is real. This is how a wedding day at Red Agave Resort begins.

As we walked the path leading up to one of our favorite vistas in Sedona the winds began to shift, the sky became hazy with smoke from a nearby fire. It had the familiar comforting aroma of sitting around a campfire. The red rocks became a golden pink. They really are a spectacle to watch but nothing like watching the joy and love between Seth and Natalie.

Seth stood alone looking out towards Cathedral Rock, a beautiful sight, but nothing compared to his bride walking up behind him. The sun glowed around them as she softly spoke his name. His face lit up with joy as he turned around, this was the first time seeing her in her bridal gown on their wedding day. Even amongst the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, Seth couldn’t keep his eyes off Natalie. Being surrounded by such amazing scenery makes this day even more significant.

Megan and Rudy have been together for over 8 years and are finally going to tie the knot! We first met this couple several years ago in the beginning of us starting Copper Hill Photography. We were shooting their friend’s wedding in Sedona, Maddie & Jacob. Since then Megan has mentioned how much she loved the photos we got of the two of them dancing at the reception. In those photos she looks so happy in Rudy’s arms, and it’s just gotten better since then. Megan’s sweet and bubbly personality will put a smile on anyone’s face, yet she lights up even more with Rudy by her side.

The monsoon to the north brought a welcome breeze to cool us down while we dipped our feet in the water and splashed around a bit. The sun fell below the horizon and the water reflected it with a rose gold hue

TJ stood at the edge of a ponderosa pine forest with the majestic Mount Humphreys in the background. Even though we were at an altitude, it was Megan who took TJ’s breath away.

Everyone loves a good adventure, the triumphs and the challenges make for one heck of a story. All great movies, tv shows, and books have an adventure. So why not a wedding day!