No matter who you are, what culture you come from, or your upbringing we all have a universal desire to have more time with with the one you love. For some people it takes many years to find that life partner, and while they are thankful when they finally do meet the love of their life I always hear the same universal pronouncement…”I wish we had met sooner”. Robby and Brooke have been given this highly sought after gift, the gift of time. Priscilla and I were the same age as them when we started dating and I am thankful that we began our relationship at that stage of life. But the funny thing is; I still wish that we were together even before that. Life is too short, spend as many of these precious days together, in love.

Even more personal and close to my heart

On the day of Robby and Brooke’s wedding I stood on the edge of a grassy yard, all dressed up in my wedding day photographer attire. But with one major thing missing, my camera gear. Instead I stood there with just a leather bound notebook and a small crowd in front of me. I wasn’t directing this group for photos at this wedding, I was ordaining it. It’s a view that I don’t get to see very often because I’m usually watching the entire ceremony from behind a camera. I’ve married couples before and it has always been a honor to me, but this time it was even more personal and close to my heart. The bride to be was Priscilla’s little sister Brooke. The girl I have known since she was in preschool and that I have watched grow into a beautiful woman today. On this day she was to marry Robby. The love of her life.

Two families working together in harmony

The wedding itself was a family event with everyone helping out with. Priscilla and I photographed the wedding day, I ordained it, Logan (Brooke & Priscilla’s little brother) was a groomsman, and Maddy (Robby’s sister) was a bridesmaid, and the parents all lent a hand with decorating. The whole day had a feeling of two families working together in harmony to give these two a perfect wedding day. As a nod to our Grandad who is in memory care many of us, without previous discussion wore Bolo ties coincidently, he used to wear them all the time. Grandma even had a chair next to her with Grandad’s photo so he could be there in spirit.

Two first looks, both special in their own way

During this wedding day we had the opportunity to photograph two first looks, both special in their own way. When wedding talks came up a few months ago Priscilla suggested the idea that Brooke should do a “daddy-daughter” first look, and hide her wedding dress only to be unveiled on the wedding day. Every dad has a vision of his daughter on her wedding day, all grown up and in a beautiful dress, to start a new life with his soon to be son-in-law. It is an emotional moment in which there is a tornado of feelings. Feelings of pride, feelings of joy, and that powerful moment in which he comes to the realization that this day has come faster than he imagined. As John and I stood in anticipation we both reminisced of how she will always be his little “Brookie-tookie” and how the years have flown by. Seeing Brooke in that wedding dress made him speechless. And in typical “dad fashion” gave her a sixpence coin for good luck and to show that he wished her prosperity in her marriage.

“Robby, you can turn around”

A few minutes later as Robby and I walked down to the pioneer chapel he was calm and collected, just excited to see his bride in a few minutes. As time got close, minutes turned into moments, and calmness turned into anticipation. As Brooke and Priscilla walked together behind him he began to hear her voice and his heart began to race. Her sweet voice saying “Robby, you can turn around” was music to his ears. This event is something they will both cherish for many years to come. As you know wedding days are full of excitement with family and friends all showering the couple in love, and can be pretty busy. But these few minutes when there are no guests around, we photographers take a step back with our cameras, and the two of them actually get a quiet peaceful moment together with each other on their wedding day is something they will look back at and cherish.

As the sun set over the desert landscape and historic buildings everyone hit the dance floor. We all had a blast with the music bumpin’ and DJ Jaime kept the party going and taught everyone a few new coordinated dances. The talented Cory from Something Blue Media created a killer wedding day film so be sure to give it a view after you all of check out all the photos, posted at the end as of the blog as a finale! The whole wedding day came together amazing and so many great memories.

Christmas day we got the most wonderful gift

As you have probably noticed, it has been awhile since you have seen any new work from us, there has been good reason for our absence. Over the last year many things have happened. It lead us to the idea of completing our college degrees that we had left unfinished so many years ago. And in doing so we took a step back from photography to keep a bit more balance in our lives (there will be another blog on this whole topic at a later date). But, as we sat in our quiet home on Christmas day we got the most wonderful gift over a FaceTime call from our family in Phoenix. We found out that Priscilla’s little sister had received a big ole engagement ring for Christmas! Robby had asked Brooke for her hand in marriage, and she said yes!

“She couldn’t imagine anyone else doing it”

But the surprise that really touched our hearts was that Brooke very sweetly asked if I could officiate their wedding ceremony “She couldn’t imagine anyone else doing it”. Being asked to officiate such a momentous occasion in anyone’s life is an honor, but to be asked by Brooke is something I will remember forever. As the day drew closer I worked intensely on what to say for their ceremony. I will admit that I was a bit nervous, I wanted to do the best job I could. I wanted to pass on any marriage advice that I have learned over the years. As I read my well rehearsed words out-loud I enjoyed hearing Brooke’s little giggles of excitement and Robby was an absolute gentleman standing at the alter and was clearly enamored by her joyful nature. I am proud to call such a stand up guy my new brother, welcome to the family.

With Love, Adam and Priscilla

Wedding Film by Something Blue Media

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  1. Ashlie says:

    So beautiful! I’m obsessed with all the photos and what a glowing bride!

  2. Judy Farrington says:

    Love Love Love the special Brooke and Robbie wedding day. A wonderful day for both families with many good memories being maded that day March 16, 2021.

  3. Cory Collins says:

    Such a great day! I wish the very best for Brooke and Robby! They were lucky to have the talented Adam and Priscilla document that special day! Beautiful photos and blog! You guys are awesome!

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