Molly and Jason’s Engagement Session on the Salt River

We have seen so many corners of this great state and it still continues to surprise us. The hilly and curvy drive into our meeting spot with Molly and Jason was an enjoyable experience. We arrived early to our rendezvous point to see what all is around. Everywhere we looked there was beauty. From the moment we pulled into the large empty parking lot we were thrilled. I guess the “cold” was too much for most Arizonans…It was a blustery 60℉ this sunny February afternoon and hardly anyone was around to endure this Arizona winter.

this pristine spot was perfect

We first met Molly and Jason at Ashlie and Ricky’s Wedding just a few short months ago. Since then we have been looking forward to their engagement session at Salt River. Having their engagement session next to water was of importance to the two of them. See, as a kid Molly’s dream career was a marine biologist and Jason actually works at an aquarium and spends a good portion of his time there underwater, so this pristine spot was perfect.

The river that day was glassy smooth and as they walked along the shore the reflections of the grand cliffs were epic. It is a humbling and zen like experience to be quiet for a minute and soak in the beauty of nature and the love between them in this moment.

a peaceful and calming presence

Molly and Jason have a peaceful and calming presence about them both. While around these two the stress of life just melts away, just like the serene lands around the Salt River in Phoenix. The rugged cliffs, clear water, and the desert plants surrounding the area bring you to reality. We could think of no better place to celebrate their love story in such a storybook location that is so iconic of the Arizona desert.

The golden sunset lit up the surrounding cliffs and for a moment it reminded us of how the rocks light up in Sedona. A few locals were fishing in the river and a fellow photographer spent time underneath his curtain of an old style large film camera. The scenery of the rugged beauty of Arizona is like a postcard or even a wallpaper on your computer. Needless to say, we will be back to this special place in a few weeks to hike and explore a bit more.

Their love is quiet and reserved

Once you see how gorgeous Molly’s hair is and her big beautiful eyes it’s no surprise that Jason knows he is a lucky guy. Their love is quiet and reserved but deep. Soon their sense of humor and appreciation for nature came out and we were all laughing while admiring our surroundings. They are so incredibly happy to have each other as a best friend for a lifetime.

They first met in Flagstaff where they were both attending NAU. One night they were at the same party and had a great time together…as much of it as they could remember. Jason was quick to reach out afterward, he saw there was a connection and didn’t want such a catch of a girl to pass him by. Ever since they have been madly in love, and after 8 years of their relationship they will tie the knot in a few short months.

cherished this time spent along the Salt River

Molly & Jason, we are so excited about you upcoming wedding in Flagstaff at Forest Highlands, but until then keep enjoying this brief chapter of life of being engaged. We hope you cherished this time spent along the Salt River, skipping rocks on the water and the snuggles that ensued. We can’t wait for your wedding this May, just a few short months away!

-With Love, Adam and Priscilla

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