How to elope in Sedona

Arizona is a place of beauty and so many different landscapes. So much so that we can write a whole blog on just this little piece of Northern Arizona and how perfect it is for couples to get away in. It’s no wonder that people come from all over the world to have a Sedona Elopement. The giant red rocks and cliffs make for a backdrop that can only be here. This place gives sense of wonder and magic to couples who say “I DO!!!!”

Nowadays, those old and worn out ideas of what an elopement are long gone. They no longer have the negative connotation of a boring courthouse or that it has to be done in secret. Although you still can run away to get married and not tell anyone if you’d like. It just takes a bit of planning. Which we can help you with every step of the way!

Think of an elopement as way to prioritize the parts of a wedding day you value the most (location, dress/bouquet, location) without having to spend money on the other parts. Often times we see couple on their destination elopements who use their destination as their honeymoon location also. For example, you’re already in beautiful Sedona, stay a while. Explore it together. As Newlyweds.

So to help couples out that are looking for that an elegant adventure elopement in Sedona we have created this simple “how to” 5 step list. We’ve started compiling resources to help guide you through the planning process. This blog is something we plan on adding to over time as we discover new things. We hope this helps! Let us know in the comments below what you would like in your Sedona Elopement.

  • Best time of year
    • Sedona is best in either spring or fall.
How to get a marriage license in Arizona
  • Licenses and Permits
    • Getting a marriage license in Arizona is not a difficult process. You can get a license in any Arizona county and it can be used anywhere in the state within one year of being issued. Also a perk of getting married in Arizona is that there is no waiting period! So you can apply for your license, receive marriage license, and get married all in one day! But honestly we recommend not waiting till the day of your nuptials, we all know waiting in line for licenses can take a while…that is just not a fun way to spend the day. So if you travel here from out of state we always tell our couples to arrive a day or two before the wedding day to take care of this legal stuff. Some counties will even let you schedule an appointment online to make the process even smoother.
    • Most locations don’t need a permit, but get in touch with us and we can do the research to make sure.

Here are links to every county’s marriage license page:

Adam and Priscilla
  • Choose a photographer or a couple like us!
    • This is such an important step, I know we may come off biased because we are photographers ourselves. But keep in mind that these photos will be with you the rest of your lives, and then be passed down to generations to come. That is why we call this part an investment. Every photographer has a different style and we all have different personalities. Some you will jive with right away, others maybe not. Remember these photographers will be with you during this intimate and profound moment in your relationship. Go with your gut instinct and choose someone you feel comfortable with.
Sedona First Look
  • Choose a location
    • After choosing a photographer for your Sedona Adventure Elopement, talk to them about different location ideas. We all have our favorite spots, wether it is for an epic view, perfect lighting, or privacy. To get the best photos trust your photographer on helping to choose a location. This is one of the beauties of an elopement, you aren’t tied down to a single spot like some traditional venues. Here is a helpful resource that the National Parks Office gave us on getting married in Sedona/Coconino National Forest. “Weddings…on the National Forest… in the Red Rocks…What You Need to Know!”
Sedona Elopement Officiant
  • Choose an Officiant
    • This is a similar process to finding a photographer. Make sure your personalities fit well together, they are trusted, knowledgeable, and experienced. We currently building a list of preferred officiants and vendors that will be in a later blog. Or if you want to keep your elopement even smaller a few of us photographers are ordained just for this purpose. I became ordained a few years ago as a backup plan for our large weddings incase the officiant couldn’t make it. But have seen officiated small elopements and want to do it for more of our couples.
brides for a cause dress
  • Fun Details
    • Of course you can have wedding day details!!! We like to think of elopements as intimate weddings. Wear a beautiful gown, don’t be afraid of getting a little Sedona red dirt on it. Get that succulent bouquet and boutonnière you been dreaming of…we know you’ve been filling up Pinterest Boards with them. Have nice stationary with wedding announcements, custom painted bridal jackets. It’s your day, make it as simple as possible or a full custom adventure, we are up for anything.

We look forward to going on an elegant adventure with you!

With Love, Adam and Priscilla

Sedona Elopement Photography

P.S. We know how to get to some cool spots…

Barlow Jeep Sedona

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