A joy filled wedding at Ashley’s Backyard

We walked across the light colored desert ground with Ashlie and Ricky towards a beautiful Palo Verde tree. The wall of oleander nearby was lush and dappled with white and pink blooms. Ricky stops in the shade, takes Ashlie’s hand then gives her a twirl. This was his bride and he was enamored. She was stunning with her flowing dress and bouquet of eucalyptus and white blooms. Just minutes before they had seen each other for the first time that day and the emotions were still bubbling over.

Let all that you do be done in love

Ashlie and Ricky enjoy showing their love for each other. They are soulmates who embrace their passion, love without a doubt, and seek out good times. They are confident in themselves and their relationship. Their true colors as people really boil down to the saying Ashlie has on her jewelry box “let all that you do be done in love”. Something we full believe in too.

Hand written letters

Throughout the day there was a heartfelt mixture of happy tears and genuine laughter. Starting with the girls getting ready at Vee Quiva. Ashlie, the kind and thoughtful bride gathered her bridesmaids on the bed together with her and handed them all a gift bag. But the best gift of all was to each of her girls stating how much she genuinely loved each one of them. It just show goes to show the good nature and care both Ashlie and Ricky have for everyone in their lives.

Love is patient, Love is kind

As she walked down the aisle, verses from 1st Corinthians were hand painted by Ashlie on signs at the end of each row of chairs. To us these words are a perfect definition of love and it’s something we keep in mind between each other everyday to always be kind to each other. Their two adorable little boys, Landon and Noah were both included in the wedding ceremony as they walked their mama down the aisle. It was not just Ashlie and Ricky’s wedding; it was their family coming together even closer.

Mixed drink of Red Bull and Jägermeister

They said vows to each other, and keeping true to the fun people that they are, Ashlie and Ricky poured together a mixed drink of Red Bull and Jägermeister instead of traditional candle or sand. And to keep with their fun family atmosphere they had a Funfetti flavored cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes and s’mores for all the tables.

The Arizona country vibe was a perfect atmosphere

The coincidently named wedding venue “Ashley’s Backyard” is surrounded by farmlands and felt so far from the busyness of Phoenix just a few miles away. The Arizona country vibe was perfect atmosphere for these families to celebrate into the night. Daryl from Xperience Entertainment kept the party going had everyone on that dance floor letting loose.

We are so happy to have kept up with this sweet family

We first met Ashlie and Ricky several years ago when we photographed her sister’s wedding. Even back then they tore it up on the dance floor while lip syncing Hold On by Wilson Phillips. Which they did again at their own wedding. Back then we knew Ashley and Ricky’s were our kind of people and we destined to photograph their wedding. We are so happy to have kept up with their loving family and have watched it grow.

Congrats and be sure to check out their passionate and unforgettable Rose Gold Sky Engagement Session that had everyone jealous.

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  2. Melanie Morales says:

    The most beautiful bride 😍 such a fun day!!

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    Love their colours adn the soft tones of this wedding!! You captured their joy and love perfect;y!! Such a beautiful wedding. Great work!

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