Red Agave Resort, a home base for a Sedona Adventure Wedding

The light begins to fill the warm toned chalet, you open your eyes after a relaxing night of sleep to see your wedding dress hanging in the closet. No, you are not still dreaming. The peacefulness of Sedona has brought a calming feeling to the day. The aroma of coffee from the kitchen leads you through the chalet. Bell Rock is lit with the morning sun right in front of you. As the bride to be marvels at the surroundings she wonders if all of this is actually real. Yes, it is. This is how a wedding day at Red Agave Resort begins.

The most charming venue

Red Agave Resort is the most charming venue to have your wedding in Sedona, Arizona. Located on the edge of VOC (Village of Oak Creek). We love the boho vibe, the adventure seekers who are drawn to it, and the family friendly accommodations. This outdoor venue is in prime location for hiking and exploring too. The whole place is backed up against the protected lands of Coconino National Forest. The Slim Shady Trailhead begins here and leads adventurers to many of the iconic vistas Sedona is known for.

Quest for an Elegant Adventure

For us a Red Agave Resort wedding fits perfectly with our quest for an Elegant Adventure. The newly renovated chalets offer the amenities of being at home while giving a unique look to other venues. Sitting around the firepit on a cool night and drinking a glass of wine is our version of a happy place. It spurs a feeling of family as stories are shared. And if it’s a hot day the newly updated pool is a cool oasis.

The ENTIRE place for you and your guests

As part of one of the perks of having your wedding at Red Agave Resort is that you have the ENTIRE place for you and your guests for the weekend. Not only do you have an amazing venue, you don’t have to send your guests all over Sedona looking for a hotel to stay at. You can enjoy those evenings with friends and family just steps away from your chalet.

Whether you are looking to have your wedding here, or just a relaxing getaway Red Agave Resort is a perfect spot in Sedona.

Here are two great weddings that we photographed at Red Agave Resort, Sedona, AZ.

With Love, Adam and Priscilla

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    What a great write up for anyone who is looking to have their wedding at this venue. Such a pretty and authentic location.

  3. This is such a great blog post! Love all of the photos

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    Wow!! The location is just beautiful. What an awesome place for a wedding!!

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    Excellent write up! Makes me want to get married 😊

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