A Romantic October Elopement in Sedona

As we walked the path leading up to one of our favorite vistas in Sedona the winds began to shift and the sky became hazy with smoke from a nearby fire. It had the familiar comforting aroma of sitting around a campfire. The red rocks became a golden pink. They really are a spectacle to watch but nothing like witnessing the joy and love between Seth and Natalie.

this was the first time seeing her in her bridal gown on their wedding day

Seth stood alone looking out towards Cathedral Rock, a beautiful sight, but nothing compared to his bride walking up behind him. The sun glowed around them as she softly spoke his name. His face lit up with joy as he turned around, this was the first time seeing her in her bridal gown on their wedding day. Even amongst the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, Seth couldn’t keep his eyes off Natalie. Being surrounded by such amazing scenery makes this day even more significant.

So why not elope in Northern Arizona?!

Natalie and Seth made the journey from the Pacific Northwest to our sunny little spot in the Southwest. Sedona has always called to Natalie, whether it was the energy, the perfect weather, or the unique landscape we totally get it. The place is unique and magical in it’s own way. For the two of them it was a neutral ground. With families being from both Washington and California it can be difficult to decide where to have the wedding. So why not elope in Northern Arizona?!

A daily reminder of where it all started

From their first date of riding bikes in the park they new they were each other’s person. Seth wore his fitbit that day and he cleverly saved the map as a token of their first date. It is now printed and hanging up in his home office. A daily reminder of where it all started.

a nuzzling of the foreheads, a gentle touch on the back, even the fun loving “high five”

Since that first date these two have become self proclaimed snuggle champs. It showed on their wedding day as both just wanted to make those kisses last just a little longer, or sneak one in when nobody was watching. They have their own language of love through touch, a nuzzling of the foreheads, a gentle touch on the back, even the fun loving “high five”. They even have cute names for each other, bunny and ladybug. Which you will see on his cufflinks and her hand painted bridal jacket.

always be reminded of their love for each other

Seth’s sister and brother in law were there to witness their nuptials. As part of the ceremony a Ketubah was signed. For those of you wondering what a Ketubah is, it as a contract of love alongside their marriage license. They plan on displaying this hand made scroll in their house to always be reminded of their love for each other. We all toasted with their favorite kombucha Wild Tonic, which just so happens to be made here locally.

giving a calming sense to everyone who visits

Though our time was short with Natalie and Seth it was great to talk to people from our home state. We talked of the energy that Sedona provides, giving a calming sense to everyone who visits. We laughed and enjoyed the desert air as it started to cool after the sunset. Thank you for reminding us of the PNW, Washington will always have a piece of our hearts, it is where we fell in love too. Congratulations.

With Love, Adam & Priscilla

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  1. Rebecca says:

    These are the most amazing wedding pics I have ever seen! The photography is amazing, and so is the scenery… and so are Natalie and Seth! You can see the happiness on their faces. I wish I had been there because looking at these photos just makes me smile 😀

  2. I love these photos!!!!

  3. Madison says:

    I love all the detail shots! This location and the flowers are to die for!

  4. Maria says:

    Love the colors and location. Beautiful

  5. These are beautiful! I love all of the details and colors. What a breathtaking backdrop and bride.

  6. Kelly says:

    Absolutely beautiful !!!! So happy for Natalie and Seth that they found each other❤️

  7. Natalie Park says:

    So lovely! Thank you so much for writing such a cool blog! These photos warm our hearts and we will treasure them throughout our marriage. We can’t wait to purchase prints! We were so lucky to have found you for our photography.

  8. Kim Roda says:

    I really enjoyed working with Natalie and Seth’s vision to create a custom floral bouquet and boutonniere. This was one of the most creative designs I’ve had in a while and had so much fun in the process. I love the Sedona sunset colors you chose. You are a beautiful couple! My best to you always, Kim @ jazzbouquetfloral

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