A Flagstaff wedding in the woods

TJ stood at the edge of a Ponderosa Pine Forest with the majestic Mount Humphreys in the background. Even though we were at an altitude, it was Megan who took TJ’s breath away. With each step closer, e held his breath and fought the tears back, this glowing bride was to be his partner in life. This is what life is about, living in the moment with the person you love.

The focus between the two was unbreakable

They stood beneath the arch draped with fresh roses, eucalyptus, anemones, and thistle blooms. Megan held her hand out softly and TJ took it into his own and once together the world is serene. The focus between the two was unbreakable; you can just tell that they know how each other was feeling and thinking without even saying a word. The love between them is all they need.

Perfect location for their Flagstaff wedding in the woods

Megan and TJ had taken their time looking for a perfect spot to say “I do”. Even though they live in the desert, their favorite place to be is among the pines in the high country of Northern Arizona. There are so many amazing places but The Arboretum at Flagstaff was the perfect venue for their Flagstaff wedding in the woods. Their fur babies, Henry and Diego joined in on the festivities. These two pups were just as excited for Megan and TJ’s big day as the rest of their gracious family and friends!

Friendly horny toads wandered the paths alongside us

The Arboretum at Flagstaff grounds were full of life from the spring rains; lush greenery that didn’t even look like Arizona, the flowers, trees, and grasses were abundant with new growth. As we made our way out of the pine forest chasing the beautiful golden hour with the newlyweds we spoke of craft beer, good music, food, and our common love of the forest and nature. Friendly horny toads wandered the paths alongside us and birds filled the air with their songs. The peaks of Mount Humphreys were aglow in the early evening light. It was a perfect June day for a wedding in Arizona.

Yup, these are our kind of people

Both Megan and TJ are kind and thoughtful with a love for artisanship. It came through in every detail of their intimate wedding; from the beautiful florals, the Arboretum, his blue suit with a sage green tie that perfectly matched TJ’s eyes. Even their honeymoon to the Oregon coast where they could go enjoy nature and good craftsmanship. Yup, these are our kind of people.

The Mountains are calling and We must go…

Congratulations Megan and TJ. Keep loving each other with that warmth you felt on the altar as you held each other’s hands, promising to love each other forever. Our wish for you is to always remember that moment when she took your breath away among the pine trees. Remember running through those high country fields towards the mountains, and that you will always chase life with that same charisma, together. Cheers with beers!

With Love

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  3. Julie Colvin says:

    The day could not have been more perfect! Beautiful wedding, gorgeous couple (I may be a little biased) and the pictures are stunning too! So happy!

  4. Jenny King says:

    Megan’s dress is absolutely stunning! 😍

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