A Greenhouse Engagement Session

Here in Arizona we have a pretty amazing array of climates. And the local nurseries and greenhouses know how to showcase it all. We have been wanting to do a greenhouse engagement session for awhile now. There is just something about having the whole place to yourself, it just spurs romance. A walk between succulents, happy chirping birds, and a comfortable breeze is all you need to feel connected. Greenhouses may just be our new favorite spot for engagement sessions and you’ll see why.

Maybe it was how Abby tosses her beautiful blonde locks in the wind

Josh and Abby say that they are not typically known for their PDA. There must have been something in the air that day. Maybe it was how Abby tosses her beautiful blonde locks in the wind, or maybe it was Josh’s contagious smile and great attitude. We think it was just them fully embracing their love for each other and the time they had together. Something we can all aspire to do more often, love your partner whole heartedly and be present.

He told Abby that she meant the world to him

We would all climb a mountain for our partner in life, and Josh did just that. He planned it all out with a hike up Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, with a friend hiding to take pictures of the event. The morning of the proposal he was eager to get Abby up and going usually it was the other way around. As they climbed the steep trails he pushed himself through the uncomfortable heat to reach the top. As they arrived at the end of the trail overlooking all of Phoenix he told Abby how she meant the world to him and that he’d love to spend the rest of their lives together.

“not so typical” greenhouse engagement session

Josh and Abby, We have loved getting to know you two better! Thank you for being up for your “not so typical” greenhouse engagement session. Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming brunch wedding this fall at The Cottage in Gilbert, AZ

With Love,

Adam & Priscilla

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