Desert Chic Wedding at Tercero

A lot of planning had gone into Megan and Jeremy’s Desert Chic Wedding at Tercero. It was over a year ago that we met up for coffee and they told us immediately they wanted us to photograph their day. Megan, so excited for her big day, was jumping up and down with a big book of planning in her arms. They shared their vision, their colors, their wedding party; all of their plans with us. They told us they didn’t want to do a first look (what’s a first look? click here) but that they had another plan instead; a first touch. A First Touch is another very special way to share a moment while still holding to tradition of not seeing each other before the wedding.

Jeremy’s heart raced a little faster and his eyes began to well up

Jeremy stood at the bottom of the stairs in anticipation. He gripped a little orange notebook in his left hand as he waited for Megan to make her way down to him. With each step she took down the stairs, Jeremy’s heart raced a little faster and his eyes began to well up. The woman of his dreams was just on the other side of the wall; they each reached out and their fingertips met. This gentle touch quickly became a grip as they realized their wedding day was finally here.

Megan held his notebook to her heart

Standing back to back with a wall between them, they exchanged notebooks that contained love letters that they wrote each other for their wedding day. They held hands as they read the letters they had written to each other. And although they could not see each other, we could not help but feel the connection between these two. A tear fell from Jeremy’s cheek and in this moment he knew he was the luckiest man in the world. As they reflected on what had just happened, Megan held his notebook to her heart and walked back up the stairs, not to be seen again until she made her way down the aisle to him. Their emotional “first touch” will be remembered always.

We were so excited to get to work with this sweet, fun family once again!

We first met Megan & Jeremy a couple of years ago at his brothers wedding, James and Chelsea, that we also had the pleasure of photographing. As soon as Jeremy proposed to Megan on his own birthday in Sedona, he was quick to reach out to us and tell us the good news and that we were the ones they wanted to photograph their wedding. We were so excited to get to work with this sweet, fun family once again! See their engagement blog here!

He kept it short and sweet

Their friend Pete (who was in James and Chelsea’s wedding) had the privilege of becoming ordained just to marry them. He was a perfect fit for their day. He kept it short and sweet just like they wanted, on that warm late April day. Another familiar face was their sweet flower girl; this being the second time we’ve shot a wedding with her twirling in her dress, she has become quite the pro at tossing petals. Megan & Jeremy’s Desert Chic Wedding at Tercero was full of laughter and joy. All of the planning over the last year had come together beautifully.

Congratulations Megan & Jeremy, we are so happy to have been there for you two. It has been a beautiful journey. #sneesbysarethebeesknees

~With Love~

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  1. William says:

    The pictures are beautiful. It highlighted how special the day was. Thanks Copperhill.

  2. Kathryn says:

    I really enjoyed the preview of these wedding photos. They are so speial.of course the subjects are special too. Great job Copperhill.

  3. Thank you to Copper Hill Photography for all the had work, you did a grate job. Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos.

  4. Swooning over these photos! Copper Hill Photography captured every detail perfectly😍 Ya’ll killed it and were so fun to work with!

  5. Megan says:

    The way you all captured this special day is breathtaking. I am so thankful!

  6. These pictures are absolutely beautiful! All the love and joy, not just the couple, but by all captured, is so apparent. I wasn’t there, but boy it sure felt like I might have been. Great job Copper Hill!!!

  7. Jairo says:

    I am honored to have been included here, and I hope as many yearsas life allows to be happy for this couple

  8. Jeremy says:

    Do my messages count? In all honesty I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to have photograph our special day and a better group of people to at the wedding by our sides! Thanks to everyone involved in the planning and also everyone that was a part of the day. Both families for making the trip and everyone that joined us!

    I love you all!

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