A Formal and Intimate Wedding at the Desert Botanical Gardens

Emily and Philip stood amongst the blooming mesquite trees of the Desert Botanical Gardens in pure happiness. Their families still sitting in the herb garden where they had just witness two young loving people say “I do” to each other. This realization of being husband and wife, partners for life, it brings smiles and joy to these beautiful souls. It is a moment that every couple should keep in mind for the rest of their lives. They held each other tight and spoke meaningfully of what just happened. This time for the couple between the ceremony and the family photos is just so special.

As time will roll on they will remember the how the desert was in full bloom around them. The yellow trees swayed in the breeze while the prickly pears attracted the honey bees and a lizard basked in the sun. And as a metaphor for life and marriage the light sprinkles of rain came down but a rainbow soon followed reminding everyone of the promise they made to to each other and the beauty of life.

In the short time that we have gotten to know Emily and Philip we can see they have a deep and meaningful love. Philip with his charismatic and meaningful demeanor is met with Emily’s passion and honest care for him. As their two families toasted the newlyweds they spoke of how happy everyone was for them and how great Emily and Philip are for each other. Even speaking of how family that has passed away would have been proud of these two.

The Desert Botanical Garden in our opinion is one of the best venues in the Phoenix area. With so many different nooks of the garden showcasing the beauty of the Sonoran Desert. The Steele Herb Garden makes for a romantic spot for a formal intimate wedding amongst the ivy and shade trees. Atlasta Catering provides unique and delicious menus.

Emily and Philip, we wish you many years of love. Keep going out to the movies and grab some Hawaiian food on dates with each other. The most valuable thing we all have on this planet is time, use it to love each other always. Cheers to a lifetime of happiness, and So. Much. Love.

With Love

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  1. Shelly Smith says:

    Beautiful photos.

  2. Craig Whitbeck says:

    Placing the ring on the
    Grooms Hand is so special !

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