A tranquil wedding at Orange Tree Resort

The January sun skimmed over the treetops, the Canadian geese walked the well trimmed lawns of Orange Tree Resort. It was quiet, it was peaceful. Brandon stood on the pathway looking out toward the water and old growth trees. These moments leading up to a first look seem to last forever as you know that the love of your life will be calling your name any moment.

“Do I look ok?”

This anticipation leading up to a first look is well worth it and it instantly becomes our favorite part of the day. As Liz walked with Priscilla from the getting ready room to our rendezvous point Liz asked Priscilla the most innocent and sweet question; “Do I look ok?” to which Priscilla replied “is that even a question? Have you seen yourself? You’re stunning!!!” Her gorgeous wedding gown from Azteca Bridal glowed beautifully as she stepped out into the sunlight.

Nothing could slow her down on the way to his arms

The excitement grows and he can only think of her on their first day of forever. Palms get slightly sweaty, the heart begins to flutter as the sound of the door opens behind him. I can see the joy in Brandon’s eyes as Liz wastes no time in calling his name. Even in those tall heels nothing could slow her down on the way to his arms. They held each other tightly and whispered loving words to each other that they will never forget. They took full advantage of this romantic gesture, a moment just for them and their love.

Remembering how great this place is

When we first arrived at Orange Tree Resort we walked around remembering how great this place is. It has been a few years since we walked along shaded pathways next to the greens. Leslie from Leapin Lilly’s Event Flowers decorated the gazebo with lush greenery and soft roses. It was all coming back to us now and we just knew this day was going to be perfect.

Brandon and his dad finished their round of golf just a few feet away from where he was going to be standing shortly. He took up this sport several years ago to spend more time with his father (Randy). And I totally get why, Randy is a master at “dad jokes” and will keep you laughing the entire time.

A perfect metaphor for Liz and Brandon’s love

Orange Tree Resort is an oasis in the urban landscape. You’d have no idea this was in the middle of Scottsdale with the large trees and beautiful maintained grounds. It is a relaxing a tranquil place. A perfect metaphor for Liz and Brandon’s love and their wedding. Neither are people that wanted a large party or tons of attention. Just a celebration with their loved ones. The entire day felt calm, like an extended intimate wedding. Everyone kept remarking about how relaxed the whole day was.

Their mother was in love and happy

Gwen from Arizona Ministers spoke of their love and the joy of the family uniting. During the ceremony a bottle of chianti was placed in a small wooden box along with love letters to be opened and shared on their one year anniversary. That gesture along with their vows brought joyful tears to Elizabeth’s teenage kids Shayla and Bradon. Their mother was in love and happy, she couldn’t have chosen a better guy.

Congratulations Elizabeth and Brandon. Thank you so much for trusting us to photograph your wedding. Brandon, keep making her laugh and Liz always hold him tight. You two have a beautiful love. Cheers to a lifetime of love, happiness and So. Much. Laughter!

With Love,

Adam & Priscilla

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    Beautiful pictures that captured a beautiful day!

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    This is amazing!!! Beautiful pictures were taken!! Congrats to the happy couple!!

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    Absolutely gorgeous!! I can’t choose just one favorite! You guys are amazing and it was so much fun with you guys out on the dance floor! Elizabeth and Brandon are the bestest and looked absolutely stunning! You guys captured the best moments on such a special day! ❤️

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    Absolutely stunning photos, beautiful moments and memories were captured for the happy couple!

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    Absolutely stunning photos, beautiful moments and memories were captured for this special couple!

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    Absolutely stunning photos, beautiful moments and memories were captured for the happy couple!

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