Classic Wedding at the historic Enid Symphony Center

We love destination weddings, the creative drive you get from seeing a place for the first time is so inspirational. But what if it is a place you’ve visited many times before but have never looked at it as a wedding location? Turns out that just looking at it from a different perspective this familiar location looks completely new and inspiring. If you have been keeping up with our Instagram Story lately you will have seen us traveling to Enid, Oklahoma to shoot Jonathan and Andrea’s wedding at the Enid Symphony Center. We have many ties to this small but bustling midwest town surrounded by wheat fields, as we have been to this place many times before to visit family.

A few months ago Jonathan reached out to us to photograph his surprise proposal in Sedona. After several weeks of email conversations planning how to pull of his proposal with us secretly photographing the whole thing, we figured out that they were from Enid, Oklahoma. The same town Adam’s family is from! Small world huh?!? So the day finally came and he brought his then girlfriend, Andrea, to Sedona on Valentine’s Day. While visiting Arizona on a business trip, he snuck away with her for dinner on the rocks. The proposal and engagement session to follow went beautifully, even in the pouring rain, which we think just added to the beauty and romance of the whole day. (See the blog here: A Rainy Day Proposal at Red Rock Crossing)

The Enid Symphony Center will be forever in our hearts as it will be in yours too

Built in 1924 as the Enid Masonic Temple, this Italian renaissance revival building boasts spectacular views of downtown Enid and has a long history. It had a forty year vacancy, but in the 1990’s the 4th and 5th floors (where Jonathan and Andrea got married) were remodeled at the cost of a mere 3.2 million dollars. The symphony hall was restored to its original design with the delicate 24karat gold embellishments still in tacked. Enid Symphony Center is now home to the Enid Symphony Orchestra, the oldest in the state of Oklahoma. Andrea and Jonathan chose The Enid Symphony Center not only because it’s a beautiful piece of architecture but because Jonathan’s piano instructor, Thom, plays for the Orchestra there. And Thom’s son Phillip also manages the buildings events. Who, by the way is incredibly friendly as has a plethora of knowledge of not only the building but Enid as a whole, thanks for sharing with us Phil!

In this cute little town we were now seeing through fresh eyes

We all agreed and had some laughs about the fact that it has become a theme with Jonathan and Andrea for the weather to give us all a challenge. First in Sedona with that rainy and cold day in February (we were all soaked, like just stepped out of a swimming pool soaked) and this time on their wedding day with those gusty prairie winds that Oklahoma is so known for, that never seem to let up. With the winds whipping away we stayed inside of the historic Enid Symphony Center for most of the morning. We photographed their beautiful flowers provided by Uptown Florist and other decorations in the amazing all white art gallery located on the 5th floor, the same place where Andrea finished getting ready.

They shared their sweet first look in the same room that they were to be wed in a few hours later. It reminded us of their romantic rainy day proposal just a few months ago, so soft yet touching and emotional. Afterwards we ventured outside to brave the winds for some portraits. Andrea and Jonathan were both champs, just like we knew they would be. We made a quick drive around a couple blocks only stopping for a minute or two in a few different locations to capture some of our favorite photos of this beautiful couple in this cute little town we were now seeing through fresh eyes.

She walked down the aisle in heels that she never thought she would get to wear

It was 12 years ago that Andrea had purchased a pair of Nina heels that she loved, after her sister, Tara, wore a pair just like them for her own wedding. She loved them so much that she dreamt of one day wearing them down the aisle herself. They were almost lost forever when they ended up in a box for donation because Andrea figured that her day would never come, but decided to pull them back out at the last minute “just in case”. But as years passed, that dream slowly faded, until she met Jonathan at a local family restaurant in Enid called Western Sizzlin’.

This midwest steak house now has a special place in their hearts, they even had their rehearsal dinner there. We joined them there and watched on as their sweet family celebrated the good times together. Jonathan and Andrea kept their wedding party small with just a few family members. Both of Jonathan’s kids were part of the wedding party, his daughter Avery as a bridesmaid and his son Aiden as a groomsman. They were accompanied by Jonathan’s brother Jared as the Best man and Andrea’s sister Tara as the Matron of Honor. Their ceremony was short but sweet and with the orchestra’s musicians setting a classic tone, with Thom himself on the Piano and a cellist and violinist playing soft notes.  

Congrats to Jonathan and Andrea

Jonathan is a gentleman with a great sense of humor and has humble hospitality towards others. He even texted us to see if we had arrived safely after a day of traveling from Arizona. Andrea is a sweet and thoughtful soul, was happy to see us again after the few months since we had first met and greeted us both with warm hugs. Jonathan and Andrea we loved being there to continue telling your love story. You have added to the great memories we have in this small midwest town of Enid, Oklahoma. Thank you for helping us see this place with fresh eyes. Congratulations and cheers to a life time of harmonious happiness together! The Enid Symphony Center will be forever in our hearts as it will be in yours too. 

-With Love

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  1. Beautiful pics! I love their story!

  2. Dennis Bushman says:

    Great pics!

  3. Jayde says:

    This is my favorite wedding of yours! It’s so beautiful! That light is to die for. Amazing job! Also I’m jealous of your blogging skills lol, you always have the best things to write!

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    Exceptionally beautiful! Very well done.

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    Special pictures for a special couple. Congratulations Jon and Andrea!

  6. Absolutely beautiful! What a fun day!

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    Thank you for capturing the special moments of Jonathan’s and Andrea’s first day of forever. Can’t wait to see the entire collection!

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    Amazing photos!! ❤️❤️❤️Gorgeous bride 🤗

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    Great pictures! I’m soo happy for you both😊

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    What a fun day. Thank you for capturing the beauty of it in these photos.

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    Jonathan and Andrea make a lovely couple and the pictures are beautiful!

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    Absolutely gorgeous photos and couple! Congratulations again! So happy we were able to share this special day with you and your family and friends! 🙂

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    What beautiful pictures for a beautiful couple!

  14. Holly Taylor says:

    Your photography perfectly captured the sweet essence of Jon and Andrea’s wedding day! It was also so wonderful of you to share the behind the scenes details us. And, I’m glad to learn that Enid is a special place to you both! No wonder you looked so at home here!

  15. Andrea Overstreet says:

    Wow! Love these! You guys do such amazing work! ❤️

  16. Andrea Overstreet says:

    Wow! These are amazing! You guys do such a great job! Thank you! ❤️

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