Cinco de Mayo Wedding with a view of Camelback Mountain

It is just in our nature to tell peoples sweet love stories, but admittedly, neither of us have had any sort of formal education in writing past High School and some college. So, when it came time to write this blog for Rodd and Rebekah we really wanted to do a good job! You see, this sweet couple has tons of great experience in the field of writing. They are both amazing writers we aspire to be like, Rebekah for Arizona Republic, and Rodd used to write for Rolling Stone magazine and XXL and now helps to run political campaigns. But, once you get to know these two you realize that they are passionate about supporting the arts, and cheering on people who want to express themselves artistically. On their reception tables they had blank papers, markers, glue, and scissors all for the guests to make whatever art was in their heart as a guest book page. All of the supplies were then donated to to the “Free Arts of Arizona” which Rebekah is a part of. A sign sat on the tables saying “Remember the Free Arts rule: There are no mistakes in art!”. So given this inspiration and support these two have given us we can’t wait to share our story of their wedding day.

Their day began early as the sun came up on that Spring morning, cinco de mayo exactly, a beautiful calm day with the sun shining and the birds chirping happily. Both Rodd and Rebekah were calm, cool, and collected as all of their planning finally began to unfold and they just got to enjoy the day. The pueblo style house was a perfect setting for their Cinco de Mayo wedding. The Mexican blankets were beautiful and were symbolic to us because the vibrant colors reminded us of their cheerful and passionate nature. The whole wedding felt like family with many warm hugs and joyful smiles. After their touching first look, that I think took them both by surprise, they were serenaded privately by the all female Mariachi Pasion, the same band that played for them when Rodd asked Rebekah to be his wife.

We love Rodd and Rebekah and how real they are, their genuine concern for the community and standing up for whats right, and of course supporting the arts too. They’re passionate about making the world a better place to live in and they are eloquent in speaking their love for each other and support each other equally. Then, As they stood in the desertscape that morning,  they literally tied the knot at a private estate at the base of Camelback Mountain. And Rodd with his usual self spoke his vows straight from his heart, beautifully, he values Rebekah as a person, in fact, that is his sweet nickname for her…Person. Rebekah read her vows she had written that morning. She spoke of their journey over the years both as a couple and as individuals, her appreciation for his patience and preserverance in his pursuit for her love, and how he let her take things slowly and the promises she made for their future.

Rodd and Rebekah were referred to us by one of our sweet past bridesmaids from a wedding we shot last spring and fellow Arizona Republic reporter Jessica! So much love to you Jess, and thank you for helping us to find each other! Our photography services were a gift to Rodd and Rebekah from her parents, Ben and Sarah. When they were married 35 years ago, they didn’t have a great photographer and only have a handful of photos to treasure from their special day. They didn’t want that for their daughter and her new husband. So thats where we came in and we are so grateful for their heart for making lasting memories and being able to look back at the beginning of a legacy of love. So we thanked them in the best way we knew how, we took updated photos for them, and they are so sweet. Ben and Sarah are so natural together, and I was so honored to spend some time with just the two of them as they swayed slowly to the music.

Their reception had amazing live music from Soul Power, there were delicious tacos provided by Modern Tortilla, homemade peach cobbler and cannolies were for dessert! To which Rebekah asked which one we favored. Appearantly there had been some debate between Rodd and Rebekah about which dessert was better, and which their guests would prefer. The cannolis were amazing but in the end, we both agreed on the Peach cobbler, Sorry Rodd. Rebekah hit the dance floor with her good friend David for an incredible swing dance that was both amazing and slightly scary with the way she was flipped around…in heels mind you, but  man can that girl can dance! And Rodd later joined the band on drums and busted an awesome drum solo, while sweet mama Sarah jammed the tambourine by his side. So needless to say, this couple is incredibly talented, know how to throw a fun and classy party and together, they’re unstoppable! Congratulations Rodd and Rebekah on tying the knot!!! Cheers to a lifetime of love, writing, and So. Much. Joy!

-With Love

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  1. Tess and Allen Edge says:

    You captured the love through the lens…. great job Priscilla and Adam! I assumed you were long time friends – you were fabulous – the rings, the dress, the LOVE! You nailed it! Rebekah and Rodd – amazing! Love rocks!

    • Thank you so much Tess and Allen for your kind words!!! And thank you for all your help on Rodd and Rebekah’s big day, we were truly grateful! We’re so happy for these two, that that found each other, they’re such a perfect fit! 💗💕

  2. Anonymous says:

    Such a beautiful wedding! I’m so thankful to have been a part of the big day! These photos are amazing!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Awesome photos!!!! Such a beautiful couple! Thank you for letting us being apart of the big day!

  4. Jessica Boehm says:

    So glad Copper Hill captured your perfect day. You can feel the love!

  5. Bob says:

    These look excellent! So many great shots of bride, groom, and guests.

  6. Trish McLeod says:

    Such a fun and beautiful wedding! These pictures are gorgeous and capture the warmth of the festivities. Can’t wait to see the rest.

  7. Rob Pinelli says:

    What an awesome wedding this was and the pictures are fantastic! Thank you to Rodd and Rebekah for having us and planning such a fun-filled weekend that we could share the special day plus more with them.

  8. The pictures are beautiful and you captured Rodd and Rebekah. The natural surroundings made it all the more beautiful.

  9. Lisa Steers says:

    Absolutely beautiful wedding and the photos really capture that! Thank you so much for inviting us to share in it !

  10. Aunt Melody says:

    Attended the Cinco de Mayo wedding of Rodd and Rebekah. Have viewed your gorgeous and sensitive photography. You write very well because you listen and observe very well.

  11. Rebekah Sanders says:

    Thank you so so much Adam and Priscilla! You really captured who we are and what made the day special. We’re so grateful to have these beautiful memories to look back on. We are so lucky to have met you!!
    – Rebekah

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