Intimate wedding at Sedona Heritage Museum

Michael and Ashley chose to have an intimate Sedona wedding with just a few friends and family. Sedona Heritage Museum provided a picturesque view of the red rocks among the vintage barns and farm equipment. These two are genuinely in love and are meant for each other. Ashley with her thoughtfulness and passion for adventure and Michael a smart guy with a sense of humor, and as he says about her “She fiiiiiiiine and has a ridiculous smile”. You can’t argue with that, I mean just look at that killer smile!

They love adventure and traveling together which make sense with her being a flight attendant. They spoke over the internet for a while before ever meeting in person and during their first date she flew into Oakland, California to meet him. They spent that first day hiking the hills of California and during that hike she discovered that Michael had never been to Napa Valley, so the very next day they ventured off to wine country. They roamed the vineyards on a wine tour and were hooked on each other. After that they couldn’t help but to keep visiting each other.

They travel between Phoenix and Dallas often with family in both places but couldn’t think of a better place to get married than in front of the giant red rocks of Sedona. After this small Sedona wedding they made to trip to Texas to celebrate their reception with friends and family there. These two must really love to travel! Because shortly after tying the knot, they set out on their most grand adventure yet! Their honeymoon took them to the streets of Thailand and China, where they swam in crystal clear waters and indulged in what looked to be some amazingly authentic Pho! We have loved seeing their pics from abroad on social media, I’m sure you two have made some great memories to last a lifetime!

We are so happy to say that Michael and Ashley found us through a website called Local First Arizona. We love that they support local businesses like us. Her gorgeous bouquet was from a locally owned upscale grocery store called AJ’s Fine Foods, and her dress was from Azteca Bridal in Phoenix. Thank you Ashley and Michael for having us on your special day and Congratulations!!!

-With Love

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  1. Candace says:

    Such beautiful photography as always. Such a beautiful couple too.

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