Proposal at Courthouse Rock

Sedona, known world wide for it’s beauty, the sheer size of Courthouse Rock and Bell Rock alone is something of wonder. It’s no wonder people travel from far and wide to visit such a grand place. That is why Ben chose this perfect location to propose to Cheryl. He had seen photos of Sedona from a friend who had visited and realized he couldn’t think of a more beautiful place to take his beautiful lady. Ben and Cheryl have been dating for 8 years and have supported each other through all of those long college years, even long distance at times. But now that they’re done with school, Ben was ready for their next chapter, together. He had contacted us several months ago to be a part of this grand plan, but he had no idea how to pull it off because he had never actually visited the red rocks himself. So we scouted a few of our favorite locations for him and we landed on Bell Rock Pathway. To make the plan go smoothly we even made a walkthrough video with our GoPro to show how to get to the perfect spot.

Finally the day came after months of planning and anticipation and carefully selecting the perfect (and I mean PERFECT) ring, and coordinating with friends and family to plan this trip together that they all worked together to keep Bens actual plans a secret from Cheryl. As they drove into Sedona that afternoon to have dinner, Ben pulled off the main road to show Cheryl a spectacular view “That he had heard about”. Little did she know that at the end of that path there were LED Tealights in a half circle and two photographers waiting quietly in the nearby field. As they walked the path they thumbed through a photo album he put together as he spoke of their patient journey over the last 8 years and remembered their down to earth first date, chillin with some chinese takeout at her place. Then, as he came to the fork in the path with the twinkling little white tea lights around them, he handed her a metal fortune cookie with a fortune that read ” 8 years ago, it all started with a fortune cookie that turned into so many amazing memories with you by my side. You mean the world to me and I want to spend the rest of my life with you… ” Then he got down on one knee…and asked her to be his wife! There were happy tears and a resounding “yes!”, well we couldn’t actually hear it because we were too far away, but thats what it looked like! You’ll see in the pictures below.

After this once in a lifetime time moment they were joined by their cheerful family and friends (her two siblings and their significant others), high fives were given, hugs were shared and there was even some face time calls. Cheryl was literally left speechless from all of the care and planning from everyone, and then she was surprised again to find out that we weren’t done yet! That in their first few moments of being an engaged couple they were also doing their engagement photos. I mean, we had to! Given the situation, the location and the awesome company, we invited them all to tag along as we document their first moments as soon to be Mr. and Mrs. We all hung out together taking photos, joking around, her sweet sister, Cybil, made sure her dress laid beautifully for every photo and kept those fly away hairs in check (thanks girl!) and most importantly we celebrated the engagement of Ben and Cheryl! As the sun slowly fell behind Bell Rock, Cheryl was surprised to find out that even her mother knew the plan and had sent along a couple of traditional Indian dresses for her to choose from for her photos. And she was absolutely stunning in that blue and gold Anarkali. Ben you are a lucky man, Cheryl has a heart of gold and you two will certainly live happily ever after. 

Ring: Anschar Diamonds Inc., designed by Theo


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