An Anniversary getaway at The Surgeon’s House

A few weeks ago we received an inquiry from our sweet friend Andrea who also happens to be the owner of the The Surgeon’s House here in Jerome, asking if we could help a man name Darryl surprise his wife, Kristen, for their 12th wedding anniversary. He wanted to have an overnight get away in the town that he proposed to her in and recreate their engagement photos that they had taken as a newly engaged couple 13 years ago. They met while working together where he liked to flirt with her on the daily. But the first time he asked her on a date she said no, because he was her higher up and she didn’t want to mix business with pleasure because things can go bad and that’s just awkward. So he then decided to quit the company that he ran, and asked her out again (what a grand gesture, Darryl was serious!) And of course, she said yes! Good move Darryl! 

Fast forward to when Darryl knew she was the one, he whisked her away and popped the question in Jerome. He had arranged for a photographer to come and take engagement photos for them at The Surgeon’s House, because Andrea’s beautiful home/bed and breakfast boasts breathtaking views of Sedona, beautifully kept gardens and she really knows her way around accommodating hospitality. They loved the photos their then photographer took so much (that now sit in frames and a beautiful album in their home) that as an anniversary gift this year, he thought he’d surprise her again with an updated version of those same special photos. He told her to pack her bags and that he was taking her somewhere special for and overnight to remember. They landed in Jerome at The Surgeon’s House, where she found a bouquet of flowers waiting for her in their beautiful room, just like the one she carried down the aisle in Maui 12 years ago (Andrea made those flowers happen too, I’m telling you, she’s all about the hospitality!). He told her 10 minutes before we got there, to take their surprise anniversary photos, to get dressed in the white shirt that he enlisted the help of her friend to buy for her (so as not to give anything away), it was just like the one she wore in their engagement photos all those years ago! 

Upon meeting Kristen and Darryl, we thumbed through the pages of their engagement photo album and reminisced good times with them. We ventured out into the garden and had fun laughing as we tried to get the shots exactly the same as the ones in their album. We could tell that their previous photographer had a different lens on his camera because his shots were a bit wider than ours, but none the less we think they turned out great! You’ll notice in the photos, that like a fine wine, Kristen and Darryl have only gotten better with time. After spending a couple of hours with them we could tell that they’ve had a strong and happy marriage. They have that kind of love and chemistry we all hope to find in a life long partner. When the shoot was over, they had dinner reservations at the Jerome Grand Hotel but invited us to sit and chat with them over wine before they set out for their date instead. We sipped wine, we shared stories, about family, business, love and traveling and we laughed together! What a great way to spend an evening!

So moral of the story, take notes from this guy! He’s a true romantic and and even after twelve years of wedded bliss, Darryl is still finding ways to sweep Kristen off her feet. Always surprising her, always pursuing her! We had so much fun recreating your photos guys, and making a few new memories too! Up next, let’s recreate your wedding photos in Maui and make some new memories there too! 😉💕 

With Love

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