West Fork Trail Engagement Session in Sedona

Rodd and Rebekah explore Oak Creek Canyon, at West Fork Trail

Many of you may know that West Fork is one of the most popular trails in Arizona, and it’s for a good reason. It is wedged deep into Oak Creek Canyon with tall pine trees, walls of rock that have been carved out by many years of the flowing creek, and happy songbirds. As you travel down the grassy trail the Stellar Blue Jays sing their songs, or at least squak at you, this was the first day they had shown up to the park this season. Before entering the deep part of the canyon, the winds were howling and it was chilly, but as we trekked in we were more and more protected by the landscape, and the wind dissipated.

Rebekah and Rodd have a deep and equal love for each other. They understand and respect each other, and love unconditionally. Rebekah fell head over heals for him when he brought macarons from the Louvre in Paris to her.  Her response to such a gesture: “I thought we were just friends, You’re crazy!” Rodd had just had his wisdom teeth out & said that night was the only moment of the week he didn’t think about pain. And it was in that moment, he had won her over.

They had dated for about a year when he constructed a perfect proposal, but it took some coordination from friends. It all began with her favorite all female mariachi band, that she had first seen at the Desert Botanical Garden. After several attempts of trying to coordinate schedules it finally worked out. Their friends “canceled” a dinner date “last minute” with them and Rodd was able to get reservations at a fancy restaurant overlooking all of Phoenix. Rebekah works at Arizona Republic and Rodd was able to have a friend print up a faux newspaper for their proposal, covering the huge decision she was to make at this pivotal point in her life. As they danced to the music, the mariachi band came out and she knew something was up. She said yes even before he could ask her.

They’ve tackled several endurance hikes together in some spectacular places, like Havasupai Falls and the Grand Canyon, and now they can add the beautiful West Fork trail to their growing list!

 We ventured along the tree lined paths we made several stops for photos and just to look around and look up at the breathtaking, massive rock walls. As we came to the creek we had to tred carefully across slick and wobbly rocks and Rebekah being the sweet soul that she is, came halfway back across the creek, in wedged sandals mind you, to help me finish crossing with all my camera gear, Thanks Rebekah!  Maggie “the wonder pup” with her cute “curly Q” tail joined us on our walk through the woods. We love making new friends with dogs, or well any animal really. Maggie is beautiful and intelligent and came into Rodd’s life around the same time as Rebekah did, what a lucky guy! Maggie was a bit timid with us to begin with, but after a few treats and sweet talking she warmed up and showed us her incredible jumping skills. At times leaping upwards of four feet off the ground, her jumps are almost as impressive as Rebekah’s sweet salsa dance moves! She tried to give Rodd a few pointers about dancing, though he was not quite as graceful, sorry Rodd.

Rebekah and Rodd, your love is bright and its as sweet as it is playful, and thats the genuine good stuff in life we all hope for. We’re so happy that you two that you found each other! We had so much fun with you and sweet Maggie at your West Fork engagement session and can’t wait to be a part of your wedding in a few weeks. And hey, maybe you guys can attempt to help Adam with his dance moves at the wedding…he has no rhythm and two left feet!

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  1. Gary says:

    Photos as spectacular as the background. And their love comes shining through.

  2. Karen Hunter says:

    Simply perfect. Another beautiful love story.

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