Life is Messy

Holipowder Trash the Dress

Sometimes you gotta let loose and have some fun. Life is not perfect, it is not clean, it is colorful, it is playful, it is joyous so you have to enjoy it more often by not always taking everything so seriously. Chelsea and Leon love living life together and getting messy together, so why not trash the dress ?!? We shot their Desert Botanical Garden wedding last October (and their Tempe Town Lake engagement photos almost a year ago) and boy can you tell these two are married. They don’t think anything has changed but we felt more of a sense of calm between the two of them and the kisses were definitely a little longer and deeper too ;op

Chelsea loves art and realized that she had a perfect canvas to work with, her wedding dress. Some brides like to have their dress professionally cleaned and perfectly folded in a display box (we get it, In fact that that is what Priscilla had done with hers), but some like to have a little more fun with it and create more unique memories in their dress, it makes sense to wear a dress you spent that much money on more than once.

There are tons of ways you can put your dress to use for a trash the dress shoot. Swimming, rolling in the mud, or trekking a big city in your gown just to name a few! Chelsea’s idea; Holipowder in the snow. One small problem, Arizona has had hardly any snow this winter. We didn’t think it was going to happen. So we planned it out anyway for February 20th hoping for some snow. Sure enough Flagstaff got hit with a snow storm starting on Valentines Day! We all met in Flagstaff and drove north to a beautiful forest service road with a tree lined path. Being our first encounter with holdipowder we had no idea what to expect. Before Leon covered her dress in the colorful powder we couldn’t miss the opportunity to get a few pictures of this sweet couple all dressed up in the snow, a perfect contrast to their glow desert wedding. Then we filled their hands with a galaxy color combination of blues, purples, and pinks. And poof! It. Was. Everywhere. Leon made it a personal art project to use her dress as a canvas as he tossed the powder onto her.

Here are a few things we have learned during our first encounter with holipowder:

  • Be liberal in the amount you use

  • A dustpan works great for throwing it

  • Use the bright sun

  • Don’t be afraid to get a little crazy with it

After all of the bags of colored powder were emptied onto each other and the surrounding snow (don’t worry, it’s just corn starch and non toxic) we saved the white powder for last. And it put the perfect touch on their smiling faces. We thought Chelsea and Leon’s rendition of a trash the dress shoot fit perfectly with their wedding day theme “Our love is written in the stars”, and after the last bit of white powder they tossed into the air speckled down onto their faces, we called them their galaxy freckles.

This shoot was so creative and fun and a nice relaxed change of pace from a wedding day for us! Leon and Chelsea took photos and videos, including an epic video of Chelsea slapping Leon “so hard” he fell over…in slow mo…we cant wait to see the vlog she puts together on her youtube channel ( shameless plug Chelsea Zhao on youtube to check it out and her other fun videos about books and favorite things, she’s quite entertaining!) After we did this shoot Chelsea said she plans to cut out a few colorful pieces of this beautiful dress and frame it next to the photos from this shoot. What a great reminder to enjoy every moment of this messy life and we love how these photos will help to tell their story to their kids someday, that their parents always were fun, and adventurous and…

So. In. Love.

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