A Rainy Day Proposal at Red Rock Crossing

Just a few weeks ago a nice man named Jonathan, who is ironically from the same small midwest town as Adam’s family, found us on google and sent us a message. He had plans of proposing to his girlfriend, Andrea in Sedona, on Valentines Day, and he wanted us to photograph the whole thing at Red Rock Crossing! So, we carefully crafted a plan with him in secret and said hey, since your traveling all the way to beautiful Sedona, lets throw in an engagement shoot right after you guys have your sweet moment together. We were so excited to be a part of such a great experience and couldn’t wait to meet the woman who stole his heart.

He chose Red Rock Crossing because it was a place he always wanted to show Andrea. He has fond memories of this iconic park from over 20 years ago when his grandparents lived just down the road from there. He knew around Christmas time that he was going to ask Andrea to marry him and so he gifted her with things you may need in Arizona to begin planning this trip. Because it just so happens that they were going to be making a business trip to Phoenix in February anyway, and it would be a perfect opportunity to add to the beautiful memories he had of this place that started so long ago.

When planning for this well thought out proposal, he convinced her to leave a day early to take in the sights of Sedona since it was so close to Phoenix anyway. They would visit the park of his memories, and go out to a nice dinner at Mariposa. It was Valentines Day after all, so lets celebrate it! It was the first day of rain Arizona has seen in months but we all just rolled with it! You see, we love the rain and so do Andrea and Jonathan. They’ve ran together in the rain and to us it is romantic, and peaceful. The sound of gentle rain drops falling on the leaves, forming puddles and the way that it scares off most crowds. It just brings a sense of calm to a usually hectic world. It brings your surroundings in to focus without distractions. We love the rain, we love being in the rain, it is just so raw and organic. Jonathan and Andrea had the rare occasion in the desert to have this romantic weather all to themselves in one of the most popular Sedona parks…or so she thought.

As they exited the tree lined trail next oak creek, it opens up to a wide open view of Cathedral Rock. They both saw Priscilla and thought nothing of it as she was just there taking photos of pretty water droplets on the leaves. Adam was a bit more hidden in the tall grass by the babbling creek. Where the dirt turns into red rock is where they stopped to admire the view of the shimmering rock formations, and then he spoke these words as he knelt to one knee:

“I know the weather is not perfect, but neither is every moment of life. I just know that I want more moments with you!”

He looked down to find an empty ring box and almost panicked, he realized that he was holding it upside down, but she didn’t care because she she said “yes!” before he could even get the words out to ask her to marry him. They embraced, they hugged, they kissed…and then he told her they weren’t alone. Jonathan waved us over and she spun around and spotted us, so we did what any stranger in a park that witnessed your proposal would do, we ran over and congratulated them with big hugs! Witnessing such a beautiful moment was such an honor, to see their pure joy as the rain gently washed over them. Nothing else mattered in that moment, it was just the two of them, the rain and the magnificent red rocks of Sedona.

As we spent the next couple of hours with them we couldn’t help but notice their obvious connection. Jonathan and Andrea are so in sync with each other. The way he makes her laugh and the way her laugh lights him up. They walk together in unison, we’ve never seen two people walk so perfectly side by side with every stride. It makes sense though, they met at a gym where Jonathan admired Andrea’s beauty from afar for a while until he got up the courage to ask her out. Their first date was running a race together, Jonathan claims he won but Andrea says he cheated. LOL. Today, these two still love trail running and doing crossfit together, and you can just see that they love to be in each others company. Good thing you mustered up the courage to talk to this sweet girl Jonathan, because Andrea is such a joy! She’s got a contagious smile and she’s the kind of person you know instantly when you meet her that she’s just got a good heart.

As we strolled the dampened trails, that looked more like fall then a few weeks away from spring, we stopped for a moment and they built a cairn together near Buddha beach. For those of you wondering what a cairn is, it is typically a trail maker of stacked rocks.

But at this location these stacks as a symbol of balance, to stay present in the moment and to notice what’s around you, to feel a connection to nature and Sedona.

What a great way to mark the beginning of your journey together guys!

Andrea and Jonathan, thank you for being kind and so much fun to work with! And for being great sports about loving on each  other in the pouring rain (not that that was hard to convince you to do)in 43 degree temps! You never complained once, but we think you’ll agree that all the shivering with wet hair was worth it when you relive this sweet day through these photos! We can’t wait to visit next time we are in Oklahoma! We need to see the beautiful trails that you described that we have yet to discover! Congratulations and Cheers to a lifetime of trail running and So. Much. Joy!

PS- Don’t forget Jonathan, you still owe Andrea new cute boots!

-With Love

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  1. Candace Keach says:

    WOW! Probably my most favorite since I’ve been following you guys. Although every one of your sessions are so beautiful, it really is hard to say. However, I really do think this is my favorite.
    I just love y’all’s work.

  2. Grandma Judy says:

    Outstanding shots. Love the black and white also. Love Grandma

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