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Engagement Season is upon us, and newly engaged couples everywhere are planning to take the next step in their relationship that takes them from dating to being married. And in-between these two stages of a relationship is such a sweet time period, being engaged. Its when all the excitement and fun stuff happens and for the first time you get to plan something that’s meaningful and long lasting together, eat lots of cake and openly display your affection (we know you cant keep your hands off each other, and as a tip for marriage, always keep that alive!) So after you get engaged and tell all your friends and family and celebrate, then the planning begins!

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Well you’ve come to the right place

You’ve probably been running around checking out wedding venues and have decided on a date, and now your here on our page checking out photographers, yes? Well you’ve come to the right place, you see we really love marriage and the fact that we get to spend every day with our very best friend and build a lifetime of love and memories and photos that tell the whole story, together. And we also really love to help other couples as they embark on their journey to wedded bliss as well.

we’re not just some strangers you met at Starbucks

So once you pick your favorite photographer (us) and we meet and get to know each other a bit, we’ll start planning for your engagement shoot, also referred to as an e-session. We love getting to spend this time with our couples before their big day so much that we include engagement photos in our wedding day coverage package for free! Having engagement photos taken lets us all get better acquainted so that we’re not just some strangers you met at Starbucks once before we show up to you’re wedding following you around with a camera all day. It also helps you to feel at ease in front of the lens, plus you get great photos that you can use for multiple purposes. Get creative with your save the dates/invitations and wedding website, or use these photos for wedding day decor. And framed prints always make great gifts for family (every body loves photos for birthdays and Christmas).

This stage in planning has probably stirred up lots of questions about this type a shoot? Questions like what should I wear? Where should we take these photos? How should I do my hair and makeup? etc…So here are some tips for making sure your e-session is a success. We always make these sessions fun and carefree, and encourage our couples to think of this entire day as a date day. Take the day off of work, plan to get a good breakfast and coffee together, get your hair and makeup done (you’ll see why when you read on) and then after the photo session head out to dinner for a lovely evening spent together. This is one of those fun things that you get to do together when your engaged, get the most out of it.

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What should I wear?

Well ultimately, you want to look like you in your photos so don’t wear anything you wouldn’t wear for another occasion, plus then you can wear it again. We always recommend neutral colors (so nothing bold/dark or crazy bright). They photograph beautifully and make skin tones look fantastic by bouncing light back into your skin instead of the shadows that can be created by darker colored clothing. We also recommend keeping it simple. Patterns are great too, but don’t over clutter your photos by both of you wearing bold patterns. We suggest bringing two outfits, a casual option and a dressier ensemble. This way your photos can have multiple purposes. You can have the dressier ones to announce your date and/or send out invites but then you have the more casual option for literally anything else. It adds variety to your photos and makes for more great options for gifting or framing these photos in your home. But the same rules of color and patterns apply to both options. And like we said before, these are your photos of you, these are merely suggestions based upon photography and how we get the look you love us for, but you just do you boo!

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How should I do my hair and Makeup?

This is a really great opportunity for a trial run of wedding day hair and makeup with the artist you’ve chosen (we’ve got recommendations for great artists if you’re not sure where to start looking). Get on the Pinterest and find a look that you love and ask if your stylist can do it. Not only does this give you and your stylist a chance to communicate about what you’re wanting but you can also see how the whole look photographs, some soon to be brides even opt for flowers/flower crowns in their hair for this occasion, and who better to place these flowers in your hair than your stylist? And as a bonus, you’ll look and feel great for your date day, I’d say that’s a great use of that trial run! We always recommend late afternoon for these type of photos anyway, so you’ll have plenty of time in the morning to get beautified!

Engagement Photo Tips

Where should we have engagement photos taken?

Just like when you choose a venue, look for beautiful places that have both shade and sun. If you have somewhere meaningful in mind we can do that too. Just chat with us first, we’re big on doing homework for anywhere new that we shoot, to get ideas and understand how the light interacts with the location. And we are in Arizona after all, so its not hard to find beauty, right?!? We’ve got plenty of places tucked in our back pocket if you’d like some help deciding, just let us know. Another idea could be just to do this shoot in your home, significant spots that played a part in the blossoming of your relationship or even your business if you happen to own your own business together (like a cafe for example). Also we do surprise proposal shoots, as something exciting to keep in mind. These lifestyle engagement shoots are unique and personal to you and we absolutely love getting to know and tell this part of your story too!

We hope this helps to answer any questions you may have about your engagement photos. If we missed a question you have, comment with it below!

~With Love~

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