How to Stay Organized and Make Getting Ready a Breeze

Theres a lot to plan for when your thinking about how your entire wedding day will unfold. And we’ve found that how you feel and how you spend your time in the morning when you’re getting ready really sets the tone for the rest of the day. We’ve seen some wedding days that have started out frazzled and rushed and stressful and others that have been a smooth flowing, relaxing way to embark on day one of forever with your very best friend. So we thought we could share some simple tips about how to plan for the latter. You to be able to enjoy every moment and not be running around in a tizzy trying to figure out last minute details like where your groom put his ring and why its not with yours. Keeping organized will help you to relax knowing that everything is ready and in a place you can find it annnnddd you’ll get all those pretty little detail photos of all of your most important pieces that you’ve carefully selected and likely been collecting for years. To learn more, read on!

Start Early

We always arrive to wedding days earlier than what people may think seems necessary. Depending on the situation, we usually arrive 2-3 hours before the bride even gets into her dress. This is because we like to be able to come into a getting ready room and greet everyone and check in on our bride before we get started. This time in the day is when we get about 70% of those pretty styled detail photos. Your dress, your rings, invitation suites, shoes, and flowers and any other important details you may want photographed, including family heirlooms you may wish to carry down the aisle with you, like maybe your mothers perfume or your grandmothers handkerchief that you want to carry next to your heart just like she did on her wedding day.

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Keep all of Your Details in One Location

This makes it easier on everyone. You, your bridesmaids, and your photographers. Make this part of your wedding day prep when you’re gathering everything together before the day of your wedding. Place all of yours and your grooms important details, like the ones listed above, (all together) in a shoe box or whatever you find most suitable and let your bridesmaids know about this very important little box. That way when your photographer shows up in the morning, you or one of your girls can just easily just hand it off to them so they can work their magic. All those details really help to tell the story of where your day one began. We also like to tell everyone who’s getting ready with the bride and groom to create a designated messy area (like a bathtub, closet or spare room). Nobody plans for or is prepared for the mess that ensues during this part of the day. I don’t know how or why, but getting ready rooms usually look like a tornado swept through them by the time all is said and done. And this presents two problems. 1: it’s easier to misplace things causing a frantic hustle when you can’t find bridesmaid susie’s left shoe and 2: water bottles and plastic bags floating around the room really just don’t photograph well. So keep it neat and tidy for pretty pictures too!

Have Your Bouquets Delivered While You’re Getting Ready

Having your flowers delivered while your getting ready means they get plenty opportunity to make it in to those gorgeous detail shots. This may take a little more communication with your florist beforehand. And it may mean an extra trip from your florist or anyone willing to pick just the bouquets and boutonnieres up earlier than any other flowers you may have ordered. Sometimes florists advise against early delivery of the bouquets if its very warm outside, but as long as you have a cool place to keep your flowers when they’re not being photographed or walking down an aisle, preferably in a refrigerator they should be fine.

Have Your Wedding Party and Parents Get Dressed Before You Do

This is so that when your slipping into that dress, that moment you’ve been waiting so long for, everyone around you looks and feels their best too. This is such a long anticipated and sweet moment and you won’t want people bumming in sweat pants when you look back through these photos in the future. Or if theres just too much going on to accomplish everyone getting dressed before the bride, bridesmaids robes or something to that extent make a great gift for your girls and your mom too and its something they can keep that makes them feel beautiful and they can use them over and over again. Your ladies will love you for these! There are so many beautiful options on Etsy, so check it out! But be sure to do this well before your wedding day, as most of the small businesses on Etsy put a lot of time and care into custom made products and that may take more time to make and process their orders then larger more generic retailers. Also be sure to check on estimated delivery dates before placing an order, to ensure that the arrival date is before your wedding day. This is true for most things you find on Etsy so plan ahead, but it’ll be worth it, we promise.


Nobody wants a hangry bride (or a hangry anybody for that matter) and you don’t want to get buzzed from your first sip of champagne on a day like this! Be kind, and take care of yourself on this most important day. It’s nice to include the helping hands that are supporting you and surrounding you too. This doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. Just order a basic sandwich platter and chips from subway (or burgers and fries from anywhere, because yummm) and offer up a veggie tray on the side, or something to that extent, while everyone’s running around getting beautified. We always bring plenty of snacks with us to every wedding we shoot, and we’re sure to bring enough to share with everyone getting ready. But, we’ve learned to do this because in almost all the weddings we’ve shot no one has thought about food for the whole day and people get hangry. Our snacks always disappear, and we’re happy to help but trust us on this one, people need more than a granola bar to hold them over after all that dress fluffing! And while we’re on this subject, make sure you actually eat at your reception. We know your busy running around thanking everyone for making the journey to witness you and your love get married, but sit down! Take it all in and enjoy your very first meal as Mr. and Mrs. at a table!

We hope these tips help to make your wedding day cooler, calmer and as enjoyable as possible. We don’t ever want to see our brides stressed on a day thats all about soaking in all the happy!!! And as with any other situation that has potential to go awry, just remember, the most important thing is that you’re getting married today, and every thing else is just part of the story! If you have any great ideas to make a wedding day run smoothly and enjoyably please comment below and share the love!

~With Love~

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