Joe and Olivia’s private wedding on Halloween in Jerome, Arizona

Home is Wherever I’m with you.

When you think of a wedding you probably imagine a white dress, flowers everywhere, a fancy cake, and lots of friends and family celebrating with you, partying late into the night. We love all types of weddings and have participated in ones with hundreds of people to this most current one, the smallest, 5 people in total and a pretty little butterfly who watched them tie the knot from atop a pink flower. The Surgeon’s House offers small weddings a more intimate experience. Getting to quietly enjoy time with each other, hold on tight to each other, in a relaxed environment, with no busy timelines, no hustle. Olivia and Joe are more of the non traditional type and like to keep things spontaneous! Big weddings involve a lot of planning and organizing and it often means long distance travel for out of states friends and family, which would have been most of the people in attendance for Olivia and Joe, but they didn’t want to put anyone out. However, they still wanted to include their closest friends and family both near and far. So they sent out Save the Date cards like most couples do for their wedding, but the invite included a link where they would live stream the whole thing on YouTube! So while Olivia and Joe took turns reading their sweet vows in the gardens of the surgeon’s house, friends and family looked on and witnessed them promise forever to each other too.

She dyed her hair purple, bought pumpkins and a wedding ring, the same day they got married.

Olivia and Joe have been together for 8 years and are wanderers, adventurers, and free. They started out together in high school in Philadelphia but soon after graduating, Joe wanted to follow his childhood dream of being a police officer and they both wanted to be somewhere warmer. So they chose Arizona on a whim and it just so happened that they were in need of officers in the town they eventually settled in and Joe was hired! They live life without everything planned out and set in stone and love to see where their journeys takes them. That is how they came to Arizona in the first place, and that is how they discovered the local bed & breakfast, The Surgeon’s House, which is celebrating it’s hundredth birthday this year, and if you haven’t been its a must see in Jerome! Andrea, the owner is always warm and inviting. She’s a fantastic host, her home is charming and her beautiful gardens are kept up impeccably. The walls covered in all sorts of artistic renditions of the historic estate, house plants breathing life into every corner, and calming music playing in the background. Olivia’s vintage style dress by Voodoo Vixen and Joe’s classic checkerboard suspenders were a perfect match for this historic town on Halloween Day.

Joe is a police officer and loves his service to the community and we respect and appreciate what he does! He is a strong man, but so melts whenever Olivia is near, and we can see why. Olivia is sweet and quirky and has such a contagious smile. She’s talented, an artist through and through. She is working diligently toward becoming a tattoo artist and just got into an apprenticeship. Priscilla and I have a few ideas for new ink (someday) and based on her drawings we might just go under the needle with her in the future. She also runs her own vintage clothing shop online where she sells beautiful and unique pieces! Girl Boss! Check out her shop on instagram @ohoxen where she displays her vintage finds and tells you how you can get your hands on them (shameless plug)!

During our initial meeting with Olivia a few months ago (while joe was out serving and protecting the community) we met and chat over coffee, and our meeting turned into visiting like old friends. We shared stories and art and learned about each other and we knew pretty quickly that she was a #copperhillbride. But then she asked a specific question that sealed the deal. She asked “my fiancé has an odd question for you, and say no if you want, but would you be willing to shoot a roll of film for us?” We were ecstatic at this question because if you have been following along with our blogs lately then you’ve noticed that we have been experimenting with the idea of going hybrid. Meaning shooting both Digital photos and Film photos…exactly what he wanted. What a great coincidence! So in this blog you will see two types of photos, digitals and film (the film photos will be captioned under the photo as “film”)

As you may know, getting married requires a certain amount of people to make it legal. Due to the minimum presence of people we were honored to sign as witnesses for this sweet couple! We always see the best man or maid of honor doing their best to make a legible and pretty signature with shaky hands but have never had the opportunity ourselves for our couples. I now understand the shaky hands, you realize that these signatures will be viewed for a very long time to come and start over analyzing, did I dot the “i” in Priscilla? or does Adam look like a 3rd grader scribbled it? But after all was said and done it was such an honor to be able to to do this for Olivia and Joe. After making it official with signing licenses and then wandering through the gardens of the Surgeon’s House with the newlyweds, we made our way out to the famous Gold King Mine for some unique couples photos and were grateful to the owner Jeanine to let us photograph this couple in such a unique place. They love all things with a story, and joked around that their favorite color is rust. At every turn they were in awe of all the old vehicles and kept saying, thank you for bringing us here, and that they cant wait to come back! I think this may have been one of their favorite parts of the day (aside from actually getting married) just wandering the many truck lined paths and all the snuggling and kissing that we encouraged. We always warn our couples that they may be kissing a lot on their wedding day, and so far, nobody has been upset about that! They even mentioned that they have taken dates to junk yards just to explore and pick up things like a new sun visor if they were in need. We were happy to have been a part of this day, to make some new friends, and to help them have a day all about their love.

Olivia and Joe, Thank you for trusting us into this very private and intimate moment in your lives. And to the newlyweds’ friends and family who watched excitedly from their cell phone screens, we were honored to stand in and document this moment in time for you to enjoy as if you were there, and just know that you guys are so loved and missed, Olivia and Joe could not have been more clear about that! Oh and Adam says he’s sorry for covering the mic for a minute while Olivia and Joe were signing…he has not yet mastered his YouTube skills! Cheers with Beers Olivia and Joe! Heres to many years of exciting adventures, cats, tattoos and rust and So. Much. Love!

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  1. MomMom says:

    It is so Joseph and Olivia.

    • says:

      They are such a great couple, They absolutely loved Gold King Mine, Totally them

  2. Melanie Kenney says:

    Just love the photos. A little Funky, very personal and totally the two of you!!!

    • says:

      We are glad you love the photos. Our little ghost town is full of the eclectic places. We loved spending the day with them

  3. Lois says:

    Wonderful and fun time by all. The blog gives a insight to the couple. I love it was streamed live. Love both film and digital. Gold king mine was the perfect place for the couple. Lois

    • says:

      Thank you for reading through the blog. We thought that the live stream was a great idea too. They loved Gold King, and was a perfect match for their personalities

  4. Hallie Gruver says:

    Also wanted to mention how unique your website is. Love the way you write about your couples. For us it was especially heartwarming to read knowing it was like Joseph and Olivia had friends with them. Thank you for joining in their day with them and bringing this beautiful moment in their life to their family and friends far away.!!!!!!!

    • says:

      aww, thank you! We really enjoy writing our blogs about our couples, I guess that comes with the territory of being Story Tellers and really enjoying the love stories that we get to be involved in. We are truly honored to be be part of weddings, we like to think that we are there documenting such a momentous moment for all of the people who could not be there. Including all of the generations to come, friends and family afar. They really did feel like old friends to us and we are looking forward to meeting up with them again in the near future.

  5. Candace says:

    These are absolutely darling!!! Love the film pics. I love that you captured them both ways, film and digital.

    • says:

      Thank You! They are darling together! So happy! We are really enjoying this “hybrid” style of shooting and can’t wait to do more.

  6. Hallie Gruver says:

    Love these two with all my heart!!!!! The pictures are amazing. And so are these two young people. Love MOM.

    • says:

      Thank you! You have a wonderful son and daughter. We loved spending the day with them getting these great photos.

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