James & Chelsea’s Whispering Tree Ranch Wedding

We drove down to Whispering Tree Ranch in Laveen to be a part of their beautiful day. These two waited 5 years to tie the knot because they wanted to do it right. And we agree, whats the rush when you’re spending forever together right? We were joined there by lots of friends and family from both near and far. Chelsea warned her traveling guests that it may be hot even in September, and she was right! But as she said “Welcome to Arizona”. It was hot, almost 100 degrees, and we teased James for wearing a wool coat, but hey, in the name of fashion right? James denied being overly hot in that coat, but we know you were hot man, and that it felt good to take it off. But that blue plaid sure did look great while it lasted.

We met James and Chelsea through an online forum for cars. As you may know, Adam is a bit of a car enthusiast, well so is James. They had the same kind of car for a couple of years, they and other like minded car guys would share stories of their cars, how to fix things and if they ever spotted each other. James appreciated the photos Adam would post of his car and decided he liked his photography ethic; to never stop learning about photography and thus decided we were the photographers for them and we’re so glad they did. James and Chelsea have become sweet friends of ours and we were so honored to be there for them and make memories at Whispering Tree Ranch. A sweet day in history for James and Chelsea.

The day started at Vee Quiva Resort and Casino in Laveen where our couple was getting ready for their big day with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Chelsea and her girls were getting all dolled up by the amazingly talented Chrissy and Anisha of Bombshell 7 Beauty. While hair and makeup was getting done, the girls reminisced sweet stories of the past and laughed while sipping on mimosas in their beautiful (personalized with monograms) floral kimonos, my favorite getting ready attire, easy to get in and out of and they look great on everyone….I think I want one, just because they’re so pretty. The boys were just a few floors down, talking about the good times and laughing about having drinks at the bar the night before. What a fun group of guys, never a dull moment, but always kind and well intended. The kind of guys that instantly welcome you in and treat you like a long time friend. Our kind of guys.

After a few more photos and gathering everything that needed to be taken to the venue and one panicked call to Adam about where the rings were (don’t worry we had them, haven’t lost one yet, knock on wood) we headed to Whispering Tree Ranch where Chelsea slipped into her beautiful gown Bridal Boutique of Arizona. James and Chelsea opted to do a first look, but were kind of teetering on the idea of seeing each other before the ceremony. But let me tell you, their reaction and the time they spent together in that moment was everything. It was the reason we try to encourage a first look to all of our couples if time allows. I don’t think either of them expected to be hit with the emotion that overcame them both in that instant when they first saw each other and then embraced. It was such a beautiful moment and I was moved to tears as well just to witness just how much they mean to each other and make that moment last forever. Later James told us how glad he was that they chose to see each other first and that they had that time for just the two of them on such a busy day.

4:30 arrives~Time to say I Do

They said their vows under one of the largest mesquite trees we have ever seen. The country side warm with the late summer glow was a perfect touch to their rustic environment. Her father walked her down the aisle and before giving her away they shared a hug and their special handshake that only they know.  Pastor Rowdy helped them to say their vows, and spoke kindly of their family and times together. How James had learned how to be resourceful and to be a caring man from his parents and how Chelsea was caring and confident, and together they will walk through life and help each other grow.

Their friends and family toasted to their new lives together under twinkling bistro string lights. During the toasts we learned that James leaves half empty beers everywhere during cookouts, but the best man Pete helps to take care of that. And Chelsea’s sister spoke of how she looked up to her growing up and how Chelsea was not afraid to pave the way in making new friends and meeting people. She really does have a kind heart and wants to get to know everyone.

Whispering Tree Ranch, the vintage tables, and plates set the ambiance for a relaxed and welcoming dinner of delicious BBQ. Chelsea’s aunt was kind enough to make their rustic wedding cake, which was so beautifully adorned with burlap ribbons and bows and btw was delicious! Great job! And lets be honest, we’re really just there for the cake…j/k 😜

During the festivities one of our favorite classic love songs was played, “At Last” by Edda James. At first we thought it was a cover by some talented singer, until I turned around and noticed that that voice was coming from DJ Miss Lily! Word quickly spread throughout the dancing couples of the talented voice and at the end of the song was cheering, clapping and high fives. That girl can sing, and what a touching gift and one heck of a way to wrap up the evening.

James and Chelsea, Thank you for trusting us with documenting this most important day! And thank you to everyone who helped to keep us hydrated and for just being really great to us all day! Congratulations Sneesby’s! Here’s to a lifetime of happiness and So. Much. Laughter.

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  1. Kathryn DeBus says:

    The pictures have put a mist in my eyes and a flutter in my heart. James & Chelsea had a beautiful wedding and the pictures tell the story, edpecially the “First Look”. Thanks for such a touching story and lovely pictures.
    Grandma Kathy

  2. Lois says:

    Beautiful! I like the reaction of first looks. The trees behind really shows the beautiful couple. The little girls are so cute making funny faces. Very well captured wedding and the writing is so personal. Lois

  3. Candace says:

    Such beautiful captures. Wonderful work by Copper Hill as always.

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