The Basics Of Wedding Details That Every Best Man Should Know

The Tie Bar wedding photos
I’m going to keep this Best Man Tips blog short just in case anyone needs to reference this blog quickly on a wedding day. I’ve spent plenty of mornings hanging out with groups of close knit friends and family aka groomsmen. They are typically a rowdy bunch with many inappropriate jokes, goofing around, and generally giving each other crap. These times are a blast, some of my favorite moments at a wedding day. But one small problem happens almost every single time, no-one knows how to tie a tie or fold a pocket square. It’s not their fault, these are just skills that are not typically used on a daily basis. We understand. As previous grooms know, my assistant and I don’t mind jumping in a doing a little classroom session on how to put that pretty piece of fabric in your pocket…wait why are my pockets sewn shut? I have put together a guide from all over the internet to help you with these simple but forgotten tasks. This will be fun.

Tying a tie

Tying a bowtie

How to fold a pocket square

How to pin a Boutonniere

What do I do with a cufflink?

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Adam & Priscilla

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