Becoming The Bowers, the joining of family at Lazy Oaks Resort in Pinetop

Becoming the Bowers

A weekend of bonfires, friends, cabins, and the joining of two beautiful souls at Lazy Oaks Resort

This past weekend, we had the immense joy of packing up all of our gear into our tiny, perfect for our needs, race car. We zoomed up the white mountains along the Mogollon rim, to find Trisha and Andrew nestled amongst the pine trees, lakeside at a quaint log cabin resort called Lazy Oaks Resort, in Pinetop AZ. They were joined there by all of their closest friends and family to witness an exchange of vows in which they promised their lives to each other.

When we pulled into Lazy Oaks Resort the day before the wedding, we instantly knew we would be returning someday for our own visit. It’s surrounded by tall lush pine trees, happy bouncing squirrels and Canadian geese were resounding. We settled into our cabin then set out to meet all the family. We were warmly welcomed and shared in making memories around a bon fire with pizza in hand after rehearsal.

After warming our toes by a crackling fire in our own cabin, we awoke refreshed and excited for the day that was ahead of us. So we gathered our things and knocked on Trisha’s cabin door to find their daughter Bella snuggled up in a robe with her pups and Aunt Gretchen. The pace of the day quickly picked up as coordinators started setting the scene and Trisha started getting her makeup done as she wrote her vows down on paper. Bella was so excited that this day was finally here. She was as excited about her daddies wedding ring, passed down from his grandfather, as he was! She even tried it on but it was a bit too large.

Trisha shared a few sweet moments with her sisters, mother and close friends as they buttoned her gown and placed sister Stephanie’s handmade flower crown on her head. After Adam finished up taking some pretty epic shots of Andrew and his groomsmen, then is was time for their first look. Andrew filled with anticipation waiting for his beautiful bride on a dock on the lake. She snuck up behind him, tapped his shoulder and they lovingly embraced. Overcome by joy, these two snuck off to a more private location, prayed with their officiant and exchanged a first set of vows together…just the two of them. The brisk wind whipping through Trisha’s shawl, Andrew kept her safe and warm.

After their sweet moment we continued on an adventure through the tall trees and watched Trisha and Andrews pure excitement for their day unfold in front of our eyes…and lenses. We took a quick break for everyone to refresh and retouch before making it official. The weather took a bit of a turn for a quick moment. Freezing rain covered the ground and all the tables so beautifully decorated. We actually liked those frozen little rain drops amongst the decorations, we thought they were beautiful and the weather added to the story in the photos. And just like that, the sun was shining again.

We got into place for Ceremony, with no delay, and the music started. The wedding party, and flower dogs lead the way. Andrew walked his sweet mother down the aisle, who refused to be pushed in her wheel chair to her seat, and tears were shed. They shared in a “love lock ceremony”. This ceremony signifies the love that they share for one another. It represents that no matter where their marriage takes them they will embark on the journey together. Andrew and Trisha confirmed the foundation of their lives that day starting with this love lock ceremony and throwing the key away.

My heart to you is given, do give yours to me. We’ll lock them up together and throw away the key forever”- – Author Unknown

This was Bella’s role, to lock their love in place forever as she tossed the key into lake and she could not have been more excited!

After lots of hugs and kisses and many tears, we carried on into the reception. We had amazing food provided by Chef Wade’s Bistro, like seriously the best mac and cheese and BLT that will ever grace your lips. Trisha and Andrews first dance was shared with sweet Bella as they finally became the Bowers. More bonfires, craft beer, laughter and love. The rest is history, and we danced the night away. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Bowers!!!!

View their Engagement Photos from Goldwater Lake, Prescott, Arizona

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