Vanessa & Justin’s Summer Wedding Overlooking Prescott

September 17th, 2016

Vanessa is a sweet, down to earth girl, and Justin a man who loves with his whole heart, had a beautiful Prescott Wedding on top of a picturesque hill at Prescott Resort and Conference center. The weather was sunny and perfect with a slight breeze swaying the trees. They were referred to us by Aaron & Ashley. They’re so right for each other and they have such a sweet story, you see, they have grown up together and their love has stood the test of time. To sum it up, It all started in 8th grade when Vanessa noticed a cute boy, named Justin. She asked said cute boy out and to her dismay, he responded “I’ve had my heart broken before and I just can’t have that again” to which she replied “Oh…Well I’m not going to break your heart”…Needless to say, 9 years later, she has stayed true to that promise.


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