A little peek into the life of Adam

Hi there! It’s nice of you to drop by and want to get to know me a bit better. As you know I am a Sedona Wedding Photographer, been doing it for years. But you’re not here to read about that. You want to actually know a little something more personal.

So I will give it my best shot and not bore you with telling you how well I can work a camera

As you may have noticed I am now bearded, I never thought I would actually grow one. But I have grown to love it. It gets me a lot of attention that I was not expecting. I was always worried that growing out my beard I would end up looking like my dad in the 1970’s. But I feel like it fits my personality well, and I’m sure there would be quite the repercussions from all of my friends and family that have become accustom to it if I ever shaved it. My wife was the one who convinced me to grow it out and she is VERY attached to it. She sometimes pets it and runs her fingers though it.

In my spare time (what is that?) I do have a few hobbies. I am car guy, I have been ever since I was a little guy with the exotic car posters on my walls. I even decorated my high school folder with all of the cars I dreamed about driving one day. And it wasn’t the expected Italian vehicles, I liked the weird Saab or crazy Audi wagon. I am lucky enough that my wife doesn’t like to drive, I get to drive everywhere and I love it.

As for the future, I am excited about this journey with my talented wife and business partner. We plan on living life to it’s fullest and have no idea where it will take us. Hopefully all around the world! Priscilla has never gotten to travel off the continent to see another country, I have been to Japan (but that is a whole other story). She has always dreamed of wanting to see crystal blue water, and I personally would love to go swimming with a whale shark, turtles, and a manta ray. So I think a trip to the Maldives would be ideal but maybe a few years out…


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