Jordan and Andrew’s Classic wedding at Sky Ranch Lodge

Jordan & Andrew put together such a beautiful wedding, all organically planned out. They didn’t research wedding venues online like most couples do, they made a road trip/date out of it! How romantic is that?! They started off in Flagstaff and drove west, just exploring and enjoying the day. They soon made it through Prescott and even checked out our little town of Jerome. They explored the vineyards and wine country of Arizona. I’d say they are connoisseurs of wine, we try to be experts ourselves too. They end up finding a gorgeous venue overlooking sedona, Sky Ranch Lodge. The day of their wedding turned out to have perfect weather, easter Sunday to be exact. The guys were stylish with their Converse shoes, and the bride even had a cute pair of white Converses! They celebrated their union into the night with the twinkling lights of Sedona below them.

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