Andres and Kelby

The day of the wedding started off at Chocolate Blonde in Old Town Cottonwood with the girls getting their hair done by Andres’ sister Marin. The girls did their own makeup in the comfort of their own home. The boys at the best mans house. Andres continued to write in a book. We got an epic photo next to the pool table. The girls sent over a gift of champagne. Soon got word that the girls forgot snacks for at the resort, the best man came to the rescue. When we got to tlaquepaque the guys were very excited and gifted him with a new watch. He nervously paced, and wrote in his book. All the while some very special shots of Kelby were happening.
The moment she came into view, I could see him welling up. The anticipation was almost over. Her mom and dad gave her away, dad took a moment. The weather was warm, but shaded. The harp beautiful. The pastor was heartfelt. Signing papers were exciting. Los abrigados was a beautiful location. The tunnel flooded with light and embraced her. The cake beautifully baked and decorated by Sherry Makes Cakes. The sunflower theme continued. All the decorations were carefully crafted by Ben. The evening was full of dancing, heartfelt speeches, hugs, and more dancing. The happily married couple whisked off to Maryland soon afterward.

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